Fluent singer Lebedinsky appealed to Ukrainians: «Help to overthrow the government!»

Scandalously famous Russian singer and composer Alexey Professor Lebedinsky told «Obozrevatel» about his attitude to the current Ukraine situation.

Emigrated to the United States, the artist of Russian origin, has repeatedly said that he supports the views of those Ukrainians in Crimea, which considered the annexation of Crimea to Russia illegitimate. Note that the entry of the Crimea into the Russian Federation was held on the results conducted among local residents vote in March 2014. In addition, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that the question of territorial belonging of Crimea is closed.

Earlier, the singer have already been online condemned for being regularly bad-mouthing their Homeland. His incoherent statements, laced with the choicest obscenities, more like insane provocation than a reasoned position adequate person.

Lebedinsky admitted that some Ukrainians attack him just because he is Russian. According to the artist, asking him to «deal with Russia and not to go» and he says «Ukrainians, I am with you» and calls them the wrath of the «absolutely righteous.»

Also the author of the hit «I’ll kill you, boatman!» said that people who believe in the necessity of the return of Crimea to Ukraine, but are not its citizens, you get the «waste» from the Ukrainians. Lebedinsky expressed regret in connection with the Ukrainian citizens who do not understand what is happening.

According to Express opposition views of the singer, the only way to deal with Russia is to seek the help of the world community to address a specific power. «Nesting of this infection should be corroded,» said Lebedinsky, urging Ukrainians to action and added that the democratic ways no change in Russia is not achieved.

Fluent singer Lebedinsky appealed to Ukrainians: «Help to overthrow the government!» 26.02.2017

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