Five main rules of choice of cake

When ordering any of the confection, be it cake, cupcake, cake or just sweets you need to be careful. Otherwise there is a risk that a celebration or a friendly tea party will end with indigestion. Among the many manufacturers choose quality supplier of sweets or cakes, such as «Sweet Shop», it is not easy. To a sweet dessert or cake left a lasting impression during the celebration, here are five simple rules of selection:

1. The cake composition

It is very important to examine the composition of the vending confection. It should not be «chemistry» but also products that could lead to the manifestation of Allergy. Moreover, highly undesirable excess high-calorie ingredients. Very tasty butter cream can be too heavy for the stomach. The cake should be appetizing enough.

2. Packaging

It is advisable to purchase a cake in the cardboard packaging instead of plastic. Even the high quality plastic will not be able to provide good ventilation. As a result, tar accumulates in the condensate, forming favorable conditions for reproduction of microbes. The cardboard packaging confectionery can «breathe».

3. Appearance

Under appearance in this case refers not to the cake design, and shades of creams, jewelry, etc. Too garish acid colors are suspect. Besides shades, you need to pay attention to the shape of the pieces from the cream. The blurred contours and blurred lines are signs that the cake is made using low quality butter. From such product should be discontinued.

4. Manufacturer

Order and buy the cakes need only confectionery that you have confidence in. The most reliable option – the companies that supply their products in a few shops. They have established production technology, there are proven suppliers, the staff includes highly qualified employees.

5. Shelf life

If the manufacturer claims that the cake is made without the use of preservatives, but indicates a long shelf life, it misleads you. All cakes are available the following limits for retention:

• waffle pastry – thirty days;
• shortbread – seven days;
• fruit or souffle or three days;
• cream-filled – one day.

When ordering a cake it should be taken into account. After purchase you must provide the required conditions for storage. For example, if the cake will stand on the table from the beginning to the end of the holiday, at the end of the day it can become stale, especially in hot weather.

Five main rules of choice of cake 17.06.2017

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