Fighters of «Ahrar al-sham» was filmed training in a field camp in Hama

The propagandists of the radical Islamist group «Ahrar al-sham»* published 12-minute video, which depicted the work of the field military training camps in the Northern province of HOMS. Visible on the recording of intense physical and military training training, including training in unarmed combat, combat knife, assault fortified positions, and also features a defensive war.

In addition, the video demonstrated a favorite tactic of the jihadists — the storming of enemy positions using a mobile tactical groups under the cover of armored pickup trucks with mounted in the back of a large-caliber anti-aircraft machine guns, and with the support of captured armored vehicles. It is difficult to say exactly how many militants are undergoing training in the camp. However, judging by appearing in the video, the terrorists, the group «Ahrar al-sham» is well equipped and receives financial and technical support from outside. At least the extremists are trying to leave the impression.

The commanders of «Ahrar al-sham» emphasizes that all trained fighters will be able to resist the Syrian Arab Army and Pro-government militias. However, to prove his words, the radical Islamists will have in a real fight. Recall that the Northern areas of HOMS controlled by fighters of «Ahrar al-sham» in 2012.

* — The organization was prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation by the decision of the Supreme court.

Fighters of «Ahrar al-sham» was filmed training in a field camp in Hama 19.06.2017

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