Field upgrade: DNR will destroy the APU «Juggernaut» and «Jihad-Cars»

Combat units of the militia of Donbass for a few years, an armed confrontation between Ukrainian butchers learned not only to fight but also to improve their weapons. About «army tuner» told the host of «Position» Andrey zablotskyi on «Stronghold of Donbass».

During the interview, militia fighters said that actively upgrading personal small arms. So, a soldier with the Callsign Toyota said that the machines equipped with non-standard collimator sights, flame arrestors to normalize the impact of weapons, non-standard switches the modes of fire. All of this allows more comfortable to «work» on the battlefield.

A soldier with the call sign «Baikal» was shown leading a machine gun with completion of the attachment. The essence of modernization lies in the fact that weapons are not necessary each time to prepare to fire, by pickup racks. Everything you need is already in the right direction. The machine gun only to pull out of the pipe and drag to another position. You can then immediately start shooting.

Presenter also explained that the DNR improve not only their personal weapons and machine guns, but also serious equipment. For example, the model UAZ turned into a fighting unit by installing it on a large-caliber DShK machine gun, grenade launcher and ATGM systems. In a machine dubbed «Jihad-Cars». The owner of the car – rebel «Iron» noted that, in principle, to the UAZ, you can install anything.

Also in the army DNR to independently modify the armor. For example, in the BMP set of anti shaped-charge lattice of its own production. However, the real pride of the army, the militias believe the upgraded tanks. So, armed with a T-64 tank with improved characteristics. The soldiers stripped him of lights «, the Moon L-4» and installed additional boxes of reactive armor. Around the circumference of the tower added mine rubber tape to protect from anti-tank grenade launchers, the same tape allowed on the body. The T-64 received a Network called «Juggernaut».


Field upgrade: DNR will destroy the APU «Juggernaut» and «Jihad-Cars» 18.06.2017

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