Fedor Smolov joined the international football team Gillette

The Gillette uncompromising commitment to leadership – the basis for the partnership of the brand with the most outstanding representatives of Russian and world sport. Gillette has partnered with such world football stars like Thomas müller (Germany), Antoine Grisman (France) and Neymar (Brazil) and Spanish football club Barcelona. Ambassador for Gillette in Russia is CSKA Moscow, one of the most exciting and productive players in the national team. The desire always and everywhere to reach the maximum result is one of the distinctive traits of the stars of Russian football, that’s why the decision about the cooperation was a natural step for Gillette.

Fedor fully shares the philosophy of Gillette: every day for men is a new feature: «the way of the player and any professional athlete – the obstacles and barriers, and here the main question is who will put on the blades. I’m grateful for all the lessons that didn’t believe in me, for ridicule, for bad matches – they helped me become stronger. I’m sure any person who wants to achieve something, to be ready for new challenges every day.»

Campaign with Fedor will be part of the global history of Gillette men for whom nothing is impossible, every day is a new challenge. In partnership Fedor becomes the hero of the commercials on TV, and will also appear on promotional materials in stores.

«On the way to self-improvement there are always mistakes, failures and defeats. But the best of the best will never let them get you down. For them, every mistake, is to learn, to become better. We want to emphasize the role played by men’s precision on the way to victory on the football field and in life, and Theodore for this purpose is great. It is one of the best players in Russia and is committed to the utmost accuracy during the game: his results are a direct proof of it», — commented the start of the partnership Tatiana Shabalina, brand Manager Gillette in Eastern Europe.

For over 110 years, the brand Gillette is constantly improving its products, offering the most innovative solutions in the field of men’s shaving and skin care face and continuing year after year to remain a leader in research and technological innovation. Every morning Gillette gives men everywhere the best means to begin each day with new possibilities, shaving himself with yesterday’s stubble. It symbolizes a new day, a new opportunity to «reset» that allows men to feel more confident and be ready for a new day, to go to his purpose, what he sought.

Football is one of the most popular sports on the planet, and the jubilation or tears of millions of people in the stands and at TV screens around the world depend on the players on the field. And, of course, at this pressure the player, it is important to look good and feel ready for any test. Unique high-tech products Gillette is in the care of male skin and offering the best to all the men and football stars, and their most devoted fans.

Fedor Smolov joined the international football team Gillette 05.12.2017

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