Features of removal of debris

The following are ways of getting rid of construction debris in compliance with Russian legal norms. The best option is to consider contacting a company specializing in the export of construction garbage in the suburbs or Moscow, and also in any other region.

Using the services of specialized organizations

Many owners of real property, including land owners, prefer the garbage on their own. This approach is suitable when a small amount of debris. Otherwise, the enthusiasm of the people very quickly dry out, because for that to work you need to spend a lot of time, effort and money for the payment of borrowed machinery. In addition, we have to look for a place to unload the debris.

There is a more efficient way of solving these problems – contacting the firm that specializiruetsya on the removal of construction waste. Currently, the possibility of using the services of such an organization has the majority of owners of real estate. The low cost of works due to the principle of interaction with clients. If the firm actually professionally engaged in this activity, it collects the garbage in special drives in different area such as a container of 8 m3 for debris removal in the Moscow region. The maximum capacity of such containers is thirty cubic meters. They are installed at the customer’s site or near a high-rise building. Once they are filled, they are taken immediately. And there is always the possibility of attracting movers to the work, which is very important in the repair of housing. You can order, for example, the container 27 m3 for debris removal.

Payment of waste disposal is to be performed upon. The cost of services is determined by the volume of garbage and used equipment. The final price of waste disposal employees of the company calculated after a detailed study of the proposed works.

Independent waste removal

If a person has enough free time he can get rid of building waste and on their own in one of the following ways:

  • To use special containers placed near the buildings. They are placed on spectromagic developers. In addition, for a fee, such containers are delivered to the house. But in this case, the period of their placement is limited to two hours. During this time, you need to have time to load waste into the container and take it.
  • Waste going to landfill by means of a suitable motor vehicle. The loading and unloading of wastes is carried out by own forces. This option is very convenient because you need to find a dump, which accept construction waste for a fee.
  • The construction waste after completion of repairs or construction of the house. Currently, there are organizations that deal with buying film, soil, remnants of lumber, broken bricks, concrete and asphalt. In addition, on the Internet you can find announcements of companies, which accept construction waste for free.

In Moscow and St. Petersburg there is a special project of «Landfill» provides an opportunity to get rid of the junk, having received for it a reward. To use this feature you must prepare the waste for export on their own. In the Russian capital will come in if they are within the borders of MKAD. In other cases, the waste will have to take territory on their own, by informing her over the phone.

The penalty for incorrectly exported construction waste

In Russia there is a legislative mechanism governing removal of construction waste. It provides for the imposition of punishment for breaching its citizens. According to article 8.1 of the code of administrative violations, the penalties imposed in case of failure to meet environmental requirements during construction works. This order applies to private and municipal territories.


The amount of the fine for individuals ranges from one to two thousand rubles. And it is incumbent on them to remove waste, either alone or for an additional fee. The penalty imposed for violation of the rules of waste disposal on the legal person, is from twenty to one hundred thousand rubles. If construction waste is not cleaned during the protected period, then the offenders shall be imposed a new penalty, the value of which for individuals is six thousand rubles for legal entities – a hundred thousand rubles.

More detailed information you can learn by reading the comments of the administrative code. You also need to take into account regional legislation to impose additional sanctions on violators.

Features of removal of debris 31.10.2017

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