Features choice of espresso machine

To get a refreshing Cup of strong coffee needed to grind the coffee beans in a coffee grinder. Then they fall asleep in Turku, pour water and cook until foaming. Moreover, if it is a little overexposed, he immediately appeared on the plate. Therefore, without some skill to prepare this drink was not easy.

Today, progress has stepped far forward, and for coffee lovers, it was invented by useful invention – a coffee machine. It facilitates the procedure of making this wonderful drink. After all, its main feature is the complete automation of the process at all stages. italco.ru.

That is your part in cooking is reduced to a minimum: you will need only to add into the machine the coffee beans and sugar and coffee alone will grind the beans and make the coffee with sugar. She is able to replace two devices – a coffee grinder and coffee maker that allows you to save a decent amount on the purchase.

What to look for when choosing

Before selecting the machine should be to determine the functional characteristics required from it, as different models can have different settings. As a rule, the main criteria for selection are as follows:

  • easy to use;
  • capacity (how many cups of coffee can be brewed per day);
  • the ratio of price and quality;
  • the presence of the warranty period and service maintenance;
  • attractive appearance;
  • the material from which the shell is designed;
  • overall dimensions (for medium and large machines requires additional free space);
  • a variety of options.

The subtleties of the settings of the coffee machine

Thanks to the competent setup of the required parameters except the strength and taste of the finished beverage can be adjusted and other functions:

  • the temperature of the water;
  • the grinding degree and dosage of beans;
  • the optimal ratio of coffee to water;
  • autopedigree.
  • filling volume cups;
  • daily cleaning of the equipment.

We should also focus on the mechanism of brewing. They are of two types: rigidly fixed and removable. For home, the best option is a model with a removable mechanism, as it is possible to extract and wash. With regard to the fixed mechanism, the cleaning is performed only in specialized service centers.

Features choice of espresso machine 24.03.2017

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