Father shot down in Balashikha boy is going to require a recusal

In Balashikha the next hearing in the case of the death of 6-year-old Alyosha Shimko under the wheels of cars. The boy’s parents intend to demand removal of the judge. They resent the fact that the court refuses to submit a criminal case for further investigation, although the reasons for this.

The denouement in the high-profile case of a fatal accident six months after the incident and a dozen court hearings continue in the long term. And protection of Olga Alisovoy, and the father of the dead boy claim that the need to question many witnesses and experts to find out all the circumstances of the incident.

Tuesday to questions of participants of process is a trauma surgeon, reports «TV Center». He has already confirmed the death of Alyosha Shimko was instantaneous as the result of severe traumatic brain injury. It is established that the tragedy occurred after the car ran over the child and dragged him underneath. In turn, the lawyer Natalia Kurakina was called as auto-expert. Protection defends the old line: alisova couldn’t see vyberoveho in the yard of the child because of the parked cars. This argument has previously challenged the state Prosecutor, based on the testimony of eyewitnesses and the data of the mobile operator: April 23, during the accident the driver was talking while driving on the phone. In addition, Roman Shimko questioned: could Olga beneficial at all in that moment to soberly assess the traffic situation.

Earlier, it rejected a motion seeking joinder of this criminal case and a parallel instituted under article «Negligence». Family Shimko insists: driver Olga beneficial and forensic scientist Mikhail Kleymenov, revealed in the blood of the fantastic 2.7 ppm, could be in collusion. And on Tuesday, the aggrieved party may request the disqualification of the presiding judge.

Under the article «Violation of traffic rules, entailed death», Olga Alisovoy threatens till five years of imprisonment. It is also known that a case of negligence, even if it is reclassified, insists the family Shimko, will be considered here — Train in city court.

Egor Kiselev, Yury Timoshin, Alexander Biologists. «TV Center».

Father shot down in Balashikha boy is going to require a recusal 01.11.2017

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