FAS has forced Google to make concessions in the dispute on violation of competition

The confrontation of the Federal Antimonopoly service and Google ended in a settlement agreement approved by the court. The U.S. Corporation was forced to make concessions, by making its Android operating system for free. Now any app developers can claim a place on the home screen.

Google has abandoned the exclusivity of its apps for Android, reports TASS. FAS, Google and «Yandex» has entered into a settlement agreement which was the result of the proceedings of a dominant position of Google products on mobile platform Android.

The agreement also implies the acceptance of Google to pay a fine in the amount of 438 million rubles. In addition, the company will pay one million rubles fine imposed for failure to perform the FAS decision.

It in the settlement agreement refers only to the devices sold in Russia. Now, any third-party developer will be able to negotiate about installing your app on the first screen in Android. In addition, Google will offer users of its mobile Chrome browser, the search system when you first start.

«I believe this is the right vector, and the Russian Federation do here lays a very important precedent from the point of view of the world to do with this problem», — said the Minister of communications and mass communications Nikolay Nikiforov.

The case against Google was conducted more than two years. In September 2015, the FAS issued a decision against Google in the case of distributing applications, the American company on devices with Android operating system. The case was initiated on the complaint of «Yandex».

FAS has forced Google to make concessions in the dispute on violation of competition 21.04.2017

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