Facebook, Google and Twitter spoke about the Russian intervention in elections

Internet giants Facebook, Google and Twitter said that the presidential elections in the US affect millions of fake accounts. Posts related to interests of Russia, saw almost 40% of the population.

Three Internet companies — Facebook, Google and Twitter have released data on the Russian intervention in the American elections, reported Bloomberg.

The promotion of Russian content was «online research», which is known as a «Troll factory».

According to Facebook, posts made in the interests of Russia, saw 126 million Americans — about 40% of the population. In October 2016, the company has blocked 5.8 million fake accounts on Facebook and 170 in Instagram.

Google said that «the Agency Internet research» published 1108 videos in YouTube that from June 2015 to November 2016 has received 309 thousand views. Subsequently, the video was blocked.

Twitter argues that «Agency» has created 2752 account. Posts related to Russia, accounted for 0.74% (1.4 million) of the total number of messages dedicated to the elections in the United States.

In may, the U.S. designated spectracolor to investigate the possible relations of President Donald trump and his entourage with Russia. Their investigation also leads the U.S. Congress. On 28 September the U.S. Senate Committee on intelligence has invited Facebook, Twitter and Аlphabet at a public hearing on «Russian intervention» in elections.

In mid-October, Donald trump once again stated about the absence of collusion with Russia during the presidential campaign. According to him, he would like to investigate these «relationships» has ended.

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Facebook, Google and Twitter spoke about the Russian intervention in elections 31.10.2017

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