Explorers of the Arctic: Russia got a new field

Russia continues the development of the industry of extraction of hydrocarbons. «Rosneft» became the discoverer of the new oil fields in the Arctic.

According to the newspaper RIA Novosti, the discovery of new deposits on the shelf of the Eastern Arctic was discovered during exploration drilling on the license area Khatanga. The experts said that the new resulting core is richly saturated with oil with a predominance of light oil fractions.

A valuable finding was made as a result of drilling «Central-Olginskaya-1» which was made from the shore of the Peninsula Khara-Tumus, what is the shelf of the Gulf of the Laptev sea. Produced three times a coring from a depth of 2305 — 2363 meters demonstrated a high saturation of oil. It is noted that as the drilling volume of the resource potential of the Deposit increases. Work there is continuing and at the present time.

The specialists of «Rosneft» have developed the geological model, which was confirmed by the availability of resources in the area. Thus, the company is now considered to be the discoverer of the deposits in the region.

License to work in Khatanga area were obtained at the end of 2015. Direct drilling was launched on 3 April this year.

Explorers of the Arctic: Russia got a new field 18.06.2017

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