Experts ranked the most strange features in cars

Autospecialty of Russia conducted a study and ranked the most unusual extra features in cars. It is noteworthy that the list includes things that manufacturers add in the auto to attract buyers.

By 10 the place was immediately supplied two functions: night vision from BMW and the trunk is marble wood in a Range Rover. Then should the mobile tent of the Pontiac Aztec.

8 place is the Nissan Leaf with a solar battery, supplying power to the motor. 7 – fridge stocked with Coca-cola in the Dodge Caliber.

In the following two places were additions of the Fiat 500. For example, in 6th place was built-in coffee machine from Lavazza, and 5 device, showing a time travel with an open roof.

On the 4th and 3rd place also only a single vehicle. In the Honda Odyssey offers a vacuum cleaner for interior and transportation for the animals.

The silver rating was Bentley. The Bentayga model has an optional mechanical watches, which cost a total of 150 thousand euros.

The first spot is occupied by Rolls-Royce. Engineers of this company offer to install a starry sky on the roof of the car.

Experts ranked the most strange features in cars 17.06.2017

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