Experts have told that the save unemployed Russians

The new technological revolution will be one of the challenges for the Russian economy, writes «news» referring to the report of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS).

As economists estimate, after upgrading businesses by 2025 may be a situation that will lose their jobs by 2.5 million Russians.

In the RAS indicated that one of the variants of changes in the labor market may become a serious the development of small and medium-sized businesses. The Russian labor market under these conditions will have to adapt. Due to this, the key moment will be the birth of the economy «from below», when people create unique products and services.

In of Sciences estimated that by 2025, due to the reform of the budget sector and technological upgrading released 3.9 million jobs, but as a result of the demographic decline of 90s the labour supply will shrink by 1.4 million people.

Against this background, many will have to rethink their view on career. The most popular are creative start-UPS, niche projects and other manifestations of self-employment.

«To mitigate the potential growth of social tension is necessary to increase the volume of production of small enterprises from the current level by 2025 in 2-2,2 times», — stated in the document.

While the government is encouraged to take measures to improve the skills of workers, creating new jobs and opportunities for effective inter-regional moves employment.

Experts have told that the save unemployed Russians 30.10.2017

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