Experts have called the most stolen for parts cars in Russia

In Russia criminals often stolen reliable cars, then they can easily and quickly sell on the aftermarket. The experts identified five models, the most loved by car thieves. Reported by the Nation News.

Auto experts said that criminals prefer to steal cars popular brands, as their parts can fetch more money. Thus, there is a rule: the more prestigious the firm, the more profitable you can make a deal. Director of the portal «» Dmitry Andreev said that the attackers often steal modern Korean cars. According to him, now they are quite popular, they are often bought young and drivers-beginners, so the subject of the search of spare parts for such vehicles are highly relevant.

Especially often stolen models of Hyundai Solaris, KIA Rio and Ford Focus. Also, the attackers caught the fancy of a modern crossover, KIA Sportage and Renault Duster. If you take the example of a more prestigious car, the choice of criminals has fallen on a Range Rover SUV. In this regard, experts advise the owners of such cars to be attentive to their «iron horses».

Earlier also it was reported that the auto experts have identified the top-5 most safe cars to Russia.

Experts have called the most stolen for parts cars in Russia 21.04.2017

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