Expert: we broke the back of a terrible beast IG

When will the fighting in Syria? The difficulties inside Arab Republic and in the international arena may face the process of political resolution of the Syrian crisis? Will Russia, Iran and Turkey to render this process efficient support? To these questions in an interview to «TV Center» said Veniamin Popov.

In the program «Events. 25th hour» on questions of the presenter Alexey Frolov said the Director of the Center for partnership of civilizations MGIMO Veniamin Popov.

«Today we can say that we broke the back of this terrible monster of «Islamic state» (organization banned in Russia). Will the fighting continue, but the main military phase is over. Syria is saved as a single country is very important», — said Popov.

Full expert review here.

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Expert: we broke the back of a terrible beast IG 23.11.2017

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