Expert: after 3 years the economy will return to indicators 2014

Dmitry Medvedev recently reported to the state Duma on the work of the government and spoke about the success and plans the economy. According to experts, the forecast of the Prime Minister can be called cautiously optimistic.

Cautiously optimistic economists described the report of Dmitry Medvedev about the work of the government in 2016. According to the chief Advisor to the head of the Analytical center under the government of Russia, Leonid Grigoriev, the economy is already autumn came to a small rise and has a chance to return to indicators 2014.

«Economy in 2016, not much has fallen, we are to some extent to fall out on some of the indicators up. We passed the low point, and went into growth. Not dramatic, but still growth. Without further reforms, this one flat, not very rapid growth may occur by itself, it does not require dramatic tractors. To indicators 2014, if you slowly we will grow, in 2020 still won’t be back, but if you start to accelerate, then back very quickly,» — said Grigoriev.

The full version of the review see in the video.

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Expert: after 3 years the economy will return to indicators 2014 21.04.2017

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