Expensive and terrible: the U.S. army requested to increase the budget because of «threats» from Russia and China

As the RT, Minister of army of the USA Robert Speer and the chief of staff of us ground troops mark Milly has asked the Senate to increase the budget of the armed forces on $6.9 billion In total, officials want to get $137,2 billion, including the fight against the «threat» posed by Russia, China and Iran. The us military is particularly concerned about the strengthening of Moscow’s positions in the middle East. The budget of the United States army is the largest in the world. According to some experts, it is twice the military spending of Russia and China combined.

Defense Minister Robert Speer at a recent meeting of the Committee in the Senate asked for in the 2018 fiscal year to increase the budget of the U.S. army by 5.3%. If in 2017, this amount was $130 billion, but now it could grow to $137,2 billion the army plans to fight including «Russian challenge».

«Russia has a powerful military potential in the field of conventional weapons, in many areas, not after the United States and its allies», — said the Minister of the US army.

Speer believes that the combat capability of the us armed forces is a key factor to deter «threats from Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.»

Additional funds Department of the army plans to spend on «containing Russia» in Europe.

Allocated budget money will also go to the «inventory of arms and military equipment in strategic areas of Europe» in addition to the forces that are already there. The report of SPIRA emphasizes that such a move «will strengthen security guarantees for U.S. allies and serve as a deterrent to potential opponents.»

Note that Washington, in total, has deployed 34 soldiers in Europe. Only in January there arrived 4,2 thousand soldiers and officers, 250 tanks, 190 armored vehicles, 300 guns and 1,700 vehicles. Part of the troops and equipment were sent to the Baltic States — Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia on the border with Russia. In April from Germany to Poland was moved another 1.3 thousand soldiers and 286 armored vehicles to NATO troops.

These operations are carried out within the framework of American program Atlantic Resolve, which aims to «contain Russia».

Earlier, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the increased military presence of NATO expansion and missile defense in Eastern Europe threaten the national security of the Russian Federation.

«It’s not just a rhetorical Russophobia and aggressive steps that really harm our national interests and threaten our security,» — said Lavrov.

The threat to Washington

The report of Robert SPIRA noted that Russia is increasing its influence in the middle East, and this, according to the Minister of the United States army is a threat and a challenge for Washington. In this regard, the US army intends to upgrade the aircraft and ground combat vehicles. It is also planned to invest in air defense, network security and equipment of the soldiers.

Note that the Russian aerospace forces are fighting terrorism in Syria from October 2015. Only for the first year, there were 15 thousand sorties, which have destroyed more than 30 thousand objects of infrastructure of the terrorists.

Russia continues to contribute to truce in Syria within the framework of signed in may an agreement with Turkey and Iran about security zones in Syria, where Moscow has acted as a guarantor. However, the negotiations on Syria was repeatedly delayed because of the refusal from dialogue opposition forces supported by Washington.

Earlier the MFA of Russia declared that «supervised» the U.S. armed opposition groups cooperating with terrorists in the framework of a single operational headquarters. In dipvedomstva also noted that, despite Washington’s recognition «Dzhabhat EN-Nusra»* terrorist organization, the United States does not strike to it blows. And about a month ago, the US attacked the Syrian government to the airfield shirt, causing four people were killed.

It is noteworthy that Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly said that Russia has no plans to conflict with the United States.

«We’re not at war with the United States, nor to compete. We all know that the US spends more on defense than the combined countries in the world,» — said Putin at a meeting of the Arctic forum on March 30.

«Attack on Riga? We have forgotten?»

The us army also plans to strengthen kibervoyska USA. «We ask Congress to support our project budget for the 2018 fiscal year, so we could continue to modernize its global information network and to expand defensive and offensive cyber capabilities in order to strengthen U.S. national security,» said Speer.

The Ministry of the army was not given the operational review to the request RT.

A former employee of the foreign intelligence Service of the Russian Federation Vladimir Gorovoy believes that the purpose of increasing the budget of the us army is the desire to increase pressure on Russia.

«Our leadership never came to think about the attacks on America — too great was the danger, — says the expert. — We do not think the leader of the whole world, to consider themselves the chosen nation. Leave us alone and let us live in peace. Why on earth are we going to attack NATO, what have we lost? What will we gain by capturing Tallinn or Riga? This is complete nonsense. Just escalate the situation. Now Russia is a geopolitical enemy of the United States, and the French and the Germans — it is the hangers-on who in the military are nothing. For them we are a geopolitical adversary in any case. Whatever we do, we’re still enemies, we’re on assignment or not.»

* «Dzhabhat EN-Nusra» terrorist group banned in Russia.

Expensive and terrible: the U.S. army requested to increase the budget because of «threats» from Russia and China 03.06.2017

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