European values descended on Kiev gay parade

Sunday, June 18 in the capital of Ukraine was held by the LGBT community, the so-called «March of equality». It is reported that in it have taken part more than 2 thousand people.

Agreed with Kiev authorities the gay-parade was attended by foreign nationals from Europe, Canada and the United States, including the canadian Ambassador Roman Vashchuk and the British Ambassador Judith Goff. In addition, among the participants of the March were human rights activists from the Amnesty International. The marchers were accompanied by several hundred police officers and soldiers of the National guard, surrounding the column on all sides, as well as several ambulances.

However, the marchers had to change the route, as activists of Ukrainian nationalist organizations have blocked the Central street of Kiev, to prevent the procession of sexual minorities.

«Nationalists of many organizations blocked the Park Shevchenko, Vladimirskaya street and House teachers not to allow the gay parade,» — said on his page on Facebook press Secretary of the extremist movement «Right sector» Artem Skoropadsky.

We will remind, earlier in «the Right sector» * announced an alternative procession to be held along with the gay parade. On the eve of the March, unknown persons hacked the website of the Ukrainian LGBT movement and left threats the participants of the gay parade, stressing that the police will not be able to help the participants of the event.

In the end, instead of the Vladimir street the marchers walked the radicals on Tereschenkivska and went to Lev Tolstoy square, where the protesters started dispersing quickly. Most of them went underground, others were taken on in advance prepared buses.

However, to completely avoid collisions, failed. Clashes between police and radicals, in particular, the website of the TV channel «112 Ukraine».

«Police on horseback trying to prevent opponents of the «equality March» to the column. Skirmishes began with the police, opponents of the March had set off the firecracker», — stated in the message.

Near the building of Kyiv national University of Taras Shevchenko radicals selected from the marchers, the flag of the LGBT community. Nationalists burned the flag, the cries of «Glory to Ukraine!» and «Ukraine above all!». It is also reported that two police officers received minor injuries during the clashes
with the radicals, seven people were detained.

According to the press service of the police of the capital of Ukraine, the action was attended by about 2,5 thousand people. Initially, the organizers planned to collect about 5 thousand people.

Recall that in previous years attempts of the LGBT community to hold their shares in the Ukrainian capital was also accompanied by clashes with the radicals. In June 2015, in clashes injured 11 police officers and several protesters. On the March in 2016, was beaten by one party, the police detained 50 opponents actions.

According to political scientist Ivan Lizan, very hard to impose the society that it is not willing to accept.

— In any society there are those who conditionally, professes the values of pre-modern, modern and postmodern. Ukrainian provinces, which, by the way, and gives rise to nationalists — a nationalist dense premodern, not only religious, but also, in the case of the nationalists of the pagan, Homo — and xenophobic. This Kingdom of the ultra-conservative values. Cities were places where in Soviet times, in the process of socialization inculcated values of modernity: secular and humanistic, at the same time quite traditional. But the humanitarian intelligentsia in Ukraine (it in recent years evolved from liberalism to fascism, in Russia (where it is more liberal) professes the values of postmodernity, his «abstract truth», the lack of differences between creativity and performance (to shit on the pulpit in the temple is in their understanding of creativity), and with exaggerated tolerance.

Because it turns out that that imposed on Ukraine countries of the collective West, whose elite just think of the postmodern categories and support humanitarian intelligentsia. But in Ukraine it is rejected as urban and rural, which is 26 years old and only does that migrates from depressed villages to the cities.

If we draw a parallel, the gay parade and Ukraine is a democracy in a tribe of pygmies in Papua New Guinea. It seems to be democratic, but it never works and no prospects to earn has.

«SP»: — Why are the radicals who fought so hard for Europe not ready to accept its values? How do these double standards?

— So they are not for this Europe struggled. They fought for Europe against Russia, but the values of multiculturalism and tolerance have never shared. Last time, 72 years ago, their «Europe» was the Third Reich, and social mobility — the Waffen SS and served in the occupation police. Such institutions they created, but instead the Waffen-SS — regiment «Azov» and other paramilitary structures.

It is pointless to expect the dense xenophobes and nationalists clinical internationalism and tolerance.

«SP»: — in General, the radicals more problems there? They gay trailer?

— Of course, there are problems. There are the socialists who are protesting against the renaming of prospect Vatutina, but they are already broke. There are «separatists», but they are Ukrainian fascists caught, there are «separatists» in the LC and the DNI, but reach out to them, and they are passing regularly. And in General, to fight with the Republicans Ukrainian nationalists don’t want there and can kill. Because to drive gays easier, more convenient and, most importantly, safer. The dispersal of the gay pride parade for the nationalist — an honorable and noble cause, which raises their self-esteem and justifies the stay of the «patriot» in deep Ukrainian rear.

«SP»: — the UN has expressed concern over the negative attitude towards LGBT community in Ukraine. Amnesty International urged the government to ensure the safety of the «equality March» in Kiev. Will this have an impact on the attitude of the West in Ukraine? Or the child does not teshilos, just not friends with Russia?

— Kiev parallel to what you like and what you don’t like the UN — the Ukrainian authorities it is important that it is not wished to change from Washington. The rest she is not afraid. While the US needs Ukraine as extremely cannibalistic state on the borders of Russia, Ukraine will forgive almost anything.

«SP»: — will someday Ukraine «a European country» in which such actions will be conducted openly without fear of collisions?

— If to abstract and to imagine Ukraine without the two color revolutions and civil war, growing from year to year the incomes of the population, then Ukraine would in a few generations could become conditional European country. In this case, society would be greatly bourgeoisified: individualisierung, would be a much more patient, concentrate on personal success and fulfillment and probably conservative values would have gone by the wayside.

But the whole history of Ukraine is a never — ending archaism, war of the village to the city in which the city lost, the victory of nationalism over internationalism and the loss of common sense in all spheres of public life.

— Purpose of similar actions pursued different political analyst Alexander Dudchak. Is and the training of peoples practicing traditional values, not European and obschezapadnuyu perversion, in the long term, to reduce «excess» population. Such actions once again shows who’s boss, and as if the people had not rebelled, and was not against such propaganda unnatural human relations, they will still be held.

«SP»: — How in recent years has changed the attitude of Ukrainian society to this subject? Protracted «Euro-integration» make Ukraine more tolerant?

— One can hardly say that in the Ukrainian society in this regard there have been some significant changes. Otherwise, the number of law enforcement officers guarding participants of this parade, there would be several times greater than the number of participants. No one interfered and does not interfere with living your life all these Lgbtiqa, no one infringes their rights, Ukrainians do not need the promotion of sodomy in Ukraine. Within the country there is no social order to such events. This is the work of external customers and one of the consequences of the perverted «European integration», which deals with Ukraine.

«SP»: — what, in your opinion, the LGBT community holds its shares in Kiev? You know that is dangerous!

— Want to eat even the LGBT community, one same-sex love can not eat. Shares are not free. But, also, as in the case of Bulk — someone gets the money and the face, and some only in the face. There are paid organizers and «activists», are naive and fools free. But in the current Ukraine for free or without other non-financial bonuses such an event to bring people very difficult.

«SP»: — Why the Ukrainian radicals, Pro-European integration, do not agree to all its attributes, including gay pride parades?

— After what happened to the country, thanks to the active participation of radicals, it would seem that they belong among the participants of the parade. But to promote the ideas of the LGBT community, it really causes resentment among the majority of citizens of Ukraine, and therefore they expect to add to his popularity among the population active participation in the protests.

«SP»: — How the theme of oppression of sexual minorities in reality important for the West? Whether he is ready to put pressure on Ukraine?

West diversifitsirovat the potential for pressure. This is one of many. In the West in the wizard to create a problem out of nowhere. Will not be effective or relevant reason — come up with another. But in this case, in Ukraine everything is in order with the propaganda of ideas of Sodom and Gomorrah, so the fault will be difficult.

* In November 2014, the Supreme court declared extremist activity «Ukrainian insurgent army», the «Right sector», UNA-UNSO, «Trident them. Stepan Bandera». Their activity on the territory of Russia is prohibited.

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European values descended on Kiev gay parade 19.06.2017

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