European media acknowledged Putin’s victory over the United States

According to the expert Jenny of Nordberg, the Americans realized too late that between Russia and USA started a new cold war, and in this confrontation the Washington loses much of Moscow.

He admitted that now that he thinks about the U.S. role in the world does not come to mind, none of the American presidents. Instead, it clearly emerges the image of Vladimir Putin, who is present in the political arena for 17 years. The leader of the Russian Federation, according to Nordberg survived everyone from bill Clinton to Barack Obama and is now closely watching the work of Donald trump.

«It seems like every new American President comes to the post with the same naive optimism about Putin, and each of them to a greater or lesser extent, able to outwit», — cited the words of one of the American diplomats the expert. He added that when the Russian President came to power, he summoned all his power to bring the country out of the crisis in which she had been keeping the Empire, and firmly decided for myself «make Russia great again», as would be the current leader of the USA. Putin also was closely watched in Washington and its attempts to «introduce democracy» to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. At the same time the Russian leader has concluded that more to prevent such catastrophic consequences and will not allow the States to host the middle East.

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«And now — so late and so reluctantly, the American diplomats have to admit that Putin is crushing the most talented player in all foreign policy arena,» said Jenny, Nordberg. According to him, all actions by the American side in the middle East since 2001, in fact, had not strengthened US influence in the region, and Vice versa.

While American leaders suffered failure after failure, overthrowing Arab governments and thereby contributing to the chaos and the ongoing war, Putin came to the Defense of Syria and the legitimate President Bashar al-Assad and supported by Iran. Because of this, the Syrian President now sits on its back stronger than ever, and most of the decisions SAR, was adopted in coordination with Moscow. «Quite effectively done Putin and Russia: in just two years, by and large, without loss, on the background of the chaos of the civil war, which gave the States», — the expert added.

Photo source: — the press-service of the President of the Russian Federation

He also recalled that the Russian leader could return to the Crimea, gaining even more popularity among Russians. The reaction of the European Union and the United States was predictably sluggish, since no decisive steps in the direction of Russia, no one dares to take.

In short, Vladimir Putin, since his rise to power, was able to do almost everything, and his foreign policy actions have significantly strengthened Russia’s influence on the world stage. «Perhaps now it should, at least, every second article to devote to Russia and Vladimir Putin, not Donald Trump,» he concluded, Nordberg.

European media acknowledged Putin’s victory over the United States 30.10.2017

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