Europe stands on its hind legs against anti-Russian sanctions

Washington should coordinate their policies in the field of anti-Russian sanctions with EU member States and countries outside the G7. Such statement on Friday, June 16, spread the French foreign Ministry.

«For several years we have explained to US the difficulties that arise due to the nature of their extraterritorial legislation, — stated in the Ministry statement. — We would like to on issues related to security and European policy in the field of industry, the United States coordinated its actions with partners, primarily with the members of the G7».

This statement was a reaction to news about the prospect of making the United States a new package of sanctions against the Russian fuel and energy complex. If it is approved by President trump, under sanctions may be French energy giant Engie.

Previously, the decision of the U.S. Congress denounced German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

«To put it mildly, unconventional approach of the U.S. Senate», — said the official representative of the German government Steffen Seibert. He added that Merkel believes that economic interests and Washington’s sanctions «do not mix».

June 15, new sanctions package Washington criticized the foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel and the Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern. From the joint statement, it follows that these restrictions will create a danger for European companies that are involved in the construction of the pipeline «Nord stream-2». It is reported that it is, in particular, Germany’s BASF and the Austrian OMV.

The statement noted that the US and EU responded to Russia’s actions during the conflict in Ukraine, however, the new restrictions will pose a risk for participating in the energy supply of the continent of European companies.

June 14, the U.S. Senate approved a bill to expand anti-Russian sanctions. In the event of approval, American companies and individuals will not be allowed to lend to Russian banks for longer than 14 days. It is also proposed to limit the terms of financing of Russian oil and gas companies. They will set the credit period of 30 days.

Under the new sanctions can also be applied to companies from the EU. We are talking about those who are going to invest in a strip of Russian export pipelines, and to provide for their construction, services, information and support to provide technology, in particular the partners on the construction of the pipeline «Nord stream-2».

Note that Europe have expressed here is a striking unanimity and integrity. For the first time in the entire history of sanctions confrontation. Nothing similar was observed with the approval of the previous package of sanctions that hit hard the European manufacturers, for example, agricultural, deprived of the Russian market.

— Large companies are donors to the budgets of European countries. And the peasants, on the contrary, one of the largest recipients of grants. And it is natural that the rights of donor of power of the European countries where defended with great zeal, — says a senior lecturer of the Department of regional studies and foreign policy of the Russian state humanitarian University, Vadim Trukhachev.

— In addition, French or Dutch agricultural products buyers there besides Russia. A Polish or Latvian peasants, the largest country in the EU to focus not see. How, in fact, Greek and Spanish. In addition, part of listed companies or the state directly, or with considerable participation of the state. So blow on them — it is indeed a blow for the government, and through them — and in the European Union.

«SP»: — Why the Europeans did not bother to work with Russian companies on the «Nord stream-2». But what about the talk of default by Russia of the Minsk agreements? But what about the talk about the need for diversification of gas?

— Gas diversification there are no problems. EU documents state that it is necessary to diversify sources of energy supply. Falling into excessive dependence on the United States, the Europeans do not want shale fuel seems to them too expensive. The rejection of Russian resources will mean an increased dependence on the United States and Saudi Arabia. And to explain that the Saudis better than Russia, the population of those of France or Austria is extremely difficult. For all their suspicion to the Russian level of rejection of the Arabian monarchies with their manners in European societies are disproportionately higher.

So when it comes to money — Europeans spit on, as they Minsk agreement. Or at some point they have carefully read and understand that Russia is not by their side, and the same guarantor, as Germany and France… So Russophobia, Russophobia, and money need to be considered.

«SP»: — Who else but the French, the Germans and Austrians might get hurt?

It is difficult to say who will suffer. Less affected by the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Romania, Spain and Portugal — they are from our gas are not affected at all or almost independent. Norway might be good — she’s our direct competitor in the energy market. And all the others will suffer, or because they buy oil and gas from Russia, or dealing with a large-scale joint projects in the energy field. But even those who are not affected will become increasingly dependent on Saudi Arabia. And hardly any of them so I want to strongly depend on it. And from Qatar to depend too much — too big a risk.

«SP»: — In case of real imposition of new sanctions by Washington as Europe will react? Weep and join you? It turns out that all statements today — it’s just vibrations?

— Not the fact that join. Probably in Europe will be a split. UK, Poland and the Baltic States will run to join the others will think badly… the current leadership of the USA is not the best relations with European partners. Moreover, in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden will hold parliamentary elections soon, while France is coming second round of parliamentary elections. And if the policy was a «lay down» under the USA in a detriment — voters don’t appreciate it. And the private interests of large companies are sometimes more important than friendship with the Americans. Money in this case — apart…

«SP»: — what, by the way, expects Washington going to the aggravation with the European allies?

— In the United States give little thought to European partners. Republican administrations in General tend less to ask the opinion of the allies than democratic. And trump is taken to extremes. About the interests of their companies, on earnings in the European energy markets in the United States, of course, I think. And push the allies want. But if not selling — hardly quickly back off. Or will play, but not much… But still, sometimes vassals can buck so American «feudal lords» in a sense, risk being left almost alone in this case.

They also think about the interests of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi lobby is now strong enough, and the Saudis would knock us out of the European market… So here is all about money, and no wonder Russia is in conjunction with Iran, which the Saudis can’t stand. And the American dog in a sense is the Saudi tail.

Europe — this time it’s personal — said the Professor of MSU, doctor of political Sciences, member of the Scientific Council under the security Council of the Russian Federation Andrey manoylo.

— The current package of sanctions adopted by the United States Congress finally directly hit the interests of the largest European companies and corporations: we are talking about their participation in the project «Northern stream-2». The Americans are trying at any cost to block the project, cynically sacrificed the interests of its European allies. This caused such a strong reaction in France, Germany and Austria.

«SP»: — «to put It mildly, unconventional approach of the U.S. Senate», — said the official representative of the German government Steffen Seibert. According to him, Merkel is convinced that the economic interests and Washington’s sanctions «do not mix». And before they do not mix? What a double standard?

— The fact that never before the sanctions imposed by the US against Russia, would not jeopardize the implementation of strategic for Western European projects. Every time the US has imposed a new package of anti-Russian sanctions, European companies have suffered losses, but those losses had something to compensate for: trade and business ties with other partners, for example. However, now the situation is in principle different: no one will pave the Europeans «Nord stream-3» if «Nord stream-2» is suddenly bent. So the reaction of Europeans on the sanctions policy of the US is quite logical and predictable.

«SP»: — whether to Europe is a red line that move it can not, after which the retraction of the confrontation with Russia is fraught with national security? Where is the line to which Brussels will actively to resist the pressure from Washington?

— And he resists: this is evidenced by the harsh statements by Merkel, Gabriel and others. The red line for the Europeans is just for the «Nord Stream-2»: if a new package of sanctions will lead to the abandonment of the project, Europe can stand on its hind legs.

«SP»: — «We would like to on issues related to security and European policy in the field of industry, the United States coordinated its actions with partners, primarily with the members of the G7», — reads the statement of the French foreign Ministry. This works the following statement on the United States? Why the United States went against the interests of their European partners?

— I think Washington with a probability of 100% will nachinaet to the statements of the Europeans. Anyway, who are they to consult? Gasket between Putin and the civilized world. Only one trump, sandwiched by Congress in the corner may try to sign Euro-Atlantic solidarity to kick a Congressman out of the corner: he is sure to be in solidarity with Europe. But his voice no one will hear.

«SP»: — Who in Washington is behind this new package of sanctions? What I want to achieve?

For this package in Congress is most hostile to Trump and Russia. And they want to economically crush Russia, which is counting on the «Nord stream-2». Again, Europe is in the worst case, simply suffer very large losses. And for Russia this project — perhaps a matter of survival…

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Europe stands on its hind legs against anti-Russian sanctions 17.06.2017

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