Europe does not want war with Russia, but the US forced to arm themselves

The American portal of The National Interest reproached Europe today the frivolity and lack of systematic training to «war» with Russia. The Europeans, however, in his comments reminded the author that they do not see Russia as an enemy, writes, «the Economy today». Ever-increasing wax troops at the Western borders of Russia need the United States, not the Europeans, who by and large don’t care about a showdown between America and Russia, so it is possible to convey the General tone of the review.

As an analyst at National Interest Doug Bando, this happens because Europe sees no need to spend extra money on weapons, because they do not believe that «Russian pass «tank roller» Old World», quotes the edition. In addition, the European taxpayers, judging by the reviews not willing to pay for the arms race and, as a result, igniting a third world war.

The author stresses that the Pentagon and failed to force Europe to invest more in defense, as if he not insisted, and today the United States remains «the main sponsor of the NATO expansion to the East.»

As follows from analytical articles, do not support the search of the enemy in the East, and ordinary Americans who, like Europeans, believe that Russia will never start a military conflict, if not to provoke, we can all agree.

However, according to Bando, taking the weapons of the European armies «trump sacrifice American interests for the benefit of European governments that do not bear any responsibility for the protection of States» quotes

Europe does not want war with Russia, but the US forced to arm themselves 06.12.2017

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