«Europe commits suicide»: why EU leaders childless

This week the new President of France Emmanuel macron went to Germany to Frau Merkel to discuss how to strengthen the European Union, and formed a Cabinet of Ministers headed by the writer and the conservative former mayor of Le Havre Edouard Philippe. And Philip, and the macron is the personification of a powerful European trend. They — childfree. Childless policy.

For the new President of France the children were only part of the mandatory pre-election program. In principle, the main thing — shots. But the camera caught the time on the children’s matinee. Emmanuel macron is not passionate about what is happening — is looking somewhere to the side. But with much more pleasure he poses with his wife — however, their relationship show many evoke a smile, transfers «TV Center».

«This young man at the age of 39 years, with good professional experience, which explains his victory in the elections over, marine Le Pen. Besides, his «beautiful mother» who supported him», — said the former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi.

Beautiful whether it’s a novel with a student teacher Brigitte older than Him by as much as 24 years — or «lavender marriage» to cover, as suspects in the press, the fact remains — children in pairs. It before Paris discussed the novels of their presidents — who led France longest françois Mitterrand and all living for two families.

Now in a country where legalized same-sex marriage, a mother of three children from different men, marine Le Pen, by contrast, is not in favor. In a campaign video, not even helped the family album.

Of course, lost it not only for this reason — but the choice made by France, confirms a frightening trend. Europe is ruled by the childless. The flagship of the EU — Germany — for 12 years in the hands of Angela Merkel, who created for himself the image of a caring Frau, but without kyuhe, the Church, and especially kinder. And this is a conscious choice.

«There are, of course, a certain fashion, of course. It’s a fashion that is dictated by the opportunities offered by a lonely life. Plus, leading politicians, plus leading actors, leading singers, who do not have children, gay couples… All this, of course, affects the General cultural state of Europe», — told associate Professor of the faculty of international relations St. Petersburg state University Elena Stetsko.

Childless colleague Merkel — British Prime Minister Theresa may seem to think about posterity, but too late. The second in the history of the United Kingdom the woman in this post, she wanted to be like Margaret Thatcher. But the «iron lady» — two twins. And Theresa may — although happy love, along with her husband since University — but at 60 it is now as if justified.

«It’s hard to say what sort of mother I was. Very sad that I will never, never be. Just it was impossible for my husband. Of course, we’re not the only couple who has faced this. You just live and know that you have nephews and nieces,» said Theresa may.

Such experienced, but childless politicians in the key countries of the European Union is rife. 62-year-old Prime Minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni, this week arrived on a visit to Russia and his 59-year-old colleague from Sweden, Stefan löfven. Both married not young. A 50-year-old Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte, despite his great form, still blank. Goes to work on the bike, pays the mortgage and claims that he has no time for anything else except politics. That’s just the policy of the leaders, experts warn can be dangerous for the future of their country.

«They represent very different mindset, unconventional thinking — let’s say it’s halfway to the representatives of the homosexual too. It’s the people who, in General, do not link the destiny of their country with the fate of their children, the fate of his family, the fate of the generations to which they give life both physically and morally. That is, in fact, they can argue the logic of «After us — the deluge!» Because their children will not live in the world which they will leave at the end of his term,» — said the publicist, blogger Yegor Kholmogorov.

Apparently, not thinking about the children and the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel. In Europe, he became the first leader who openly entered into same-sex marriage. His spouse publicly embarrassed politician glows with happiness.

As Prime Minister Bettel replaced Jean-Claude Juncker, is also childless. But 64-year-old head of the European Commission is addiction to alcohol. At a meeting in Latvia on everyone’s mind, he instead of greeting clapped interlocutors in the face — went to the ex-President of France Hollande — and, satisfied, measure the ties. All were squinting, but tolerated.

But if the head of the European Commission assessed the situation in the EU is sober, probably would have noticed how rapidly it is changing. It is time to talk not just about the decline of the Old world, and about his death. In the West, released into circulation the book of Douglas Murray’s «the Strange death of Europe» — there’s detail that’s killing her. Open wide the borders and a failure, as recognized even in the EU, the policy of «multi-kulti».

«Europe commits suicide. Or, at least, its leaders decided to commit suicide. Regardless of whether Europeans agree with this. On the continent — mass immigration and total loss of faith in their traditions and beliefs. As a result, by the end of the life cycle of most people now living, the peoples of Europe will lose the only place in the world that we call home,» — says Douglas Murray.

Where until recently I heard the laughter of European children, increasingly sounds guttural speech of migrants from the Middle East. But childless leaders continue to preach the principle of «childfree» and values, far from family. And speaking of, what not in forces to cope with the influx of refugees, the authorities seem to be well in control of, is replacing its foes.

«This process of replacement of the population — it is in the interests of a very narrow elite, the most elite, the oligarchy of European societies. That is, their country, indeed, is dying. Dying culture, dying their way of life, but controlling how all political and economic processes oligarchs, these companies intended to replace. They are the French or Germans absolutely do not need,» — said Yegor Kholmogorov.

It Rules during the race in France, his opponents called a protege of the oligarchic clans. Childless nearly 40-year-old politician is perfect for the role of a child who will dutifully do everything that adults say. And if you do not listen, Auntie Angela will be able to put it if not in the corner, then certainly to the place.

Boris Ivanin, Anna Morozova, «the events center», «TV Center».

«Europe commits suicide»: why EU leaders childless 20.05.2017

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