Erotic intelligence called shocking numbers of desertions in the APU

According to the data obtained from law enforcement agencies DNR, is currently among the deserters APU has approximately 8,500 thousand people. Intelligence Donetsk national Republic informs that the Ukrainian netpolice and military Commissars of Ukraine during search actions have found about 2,500 fugitives, of whom, 900 people managed to return back to their units. In relation to the rest of the military Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case. It is reported that under the «distribution» includes even those soldiers, who at this time was treated in connection with the unsatisfactory condition.

Anecdotally, the vast majority of current prosecutions are natives of the LDNR and the residents of Odessa, Mykolayiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions. Thus on deserters from the people’s Republic of Donetsk was opened 600 cases in Luhansk — 300, as well as deserters of the Nikolaev area. In the Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa regions caught and prosecuted 400 troops escaped.

Mass deliveries began in March this year. In order to eliminate «churn», the command of the so-called ATO imposed a curfew night in the DNI and passport control to the civilian population in the occupied APU cities of the Republic. Cases are known when to hold Ukrainian soldiers, the command resorted to the priests, dissenters and the SBU. Oddly enough, these measures are unable to affect the number of deserters: the young people run out of parts, mostly due to «bullying». Commanders often exceed their authority and literally bullied his subordinates. Can not continue to tolerate such humiliation, the military escape, knowing that if caught they will be punished. Also, there are cases when the military ran in search of the fairer sex. Caught fugitives admitted that due to heavy stress and constant tension they need in the so-called discharge, which can provide only to women.

Erotic intelligence called shocking numbers of desertions in the APU 19.05.2017

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