Erdogan issued an ultimatum to Trump

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the intent of Donald trump to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel is a «red line» for Muslims and in case of such decision the Ankara ready to sever diplomatic relations with Israel.

Erdogan noted that the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will be «a heavy blow for all mankind.»

«We will not leave it. America has more problems there, only that is left? We will fight to the last. Can even walk to the rupture of diplomatic relations with Israel. I once again warn America that it did not do steps that will further deepen the crisis in the region,» — quoted Erdogan RIA Novosti.

The U.S. Congress in 1995 «gave» the capital tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but due to the sensitivity of the issue American presidents still delayed the execution of the decision.

Earlier, the Advisor and son-in-law of U.S. President Jared Kushner said that Donald trump has not yet made a decision on the recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

According to Kushner, trump «is still studying the facts.»

Erdogan issued an ultimatum to Trump 05.12.2017

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