Erdogan does not agree with trump’s decision and will call Putin

The President of the United States Donald trump announced the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and told about moving to this city of the American Embassy, reports «RIA Novosti». The announcement was made during the special treatment. The White House announced that the solution to America was 20 years, afraid to upset the balance in the region, but despite this, Israel and Palestine no closer to peace.

«I decided that now is the time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,» said trump, who assured that the further postponement of this issue will not lead to «better results.»

For Israel this is an important result because it considers Jerusalem its «United and indivisible» capital. Palestine and the other Arab States reacted negatively, fearing that the decision could lead to a new Palestinian uprising against Israel.

The President of Turkey Erdogan, the most implacable enemy of this campaign promise trump has repeatedly stated that Turkey, in case of recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, is ready to break diplomatic relations with that country. The Turkish leader has already announced his intention to discuss this issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone.

In the Palestinian authority position remains unchanged: recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel would exacerbate the Arab-Israeli conflict. According to experts, such a decision by trump not only brings to nothing all attempts to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but also shows the ignorance of the White House all the underlying processes of this confrontation.

Erdogan does not agree with trump’s decision and will call Putin 07.12.2017

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