Erdogan arrived in Athens to take away the Greek Islands

During the first 65 years of the Turkish President’s visit to Greece, Erdogan intends to discuss with Greek Prime Minister Tsipras «all» the problems of bilateral relations, the most important for the future of which will be the question of the renewal of the Lausanne peace Treaty of 1923, according to which the Turks renounced all claims to a number of the Aegean Islands

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Athens today, accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Hakan Cavusoglu and other officials. Greek and Turkish press has already called the visit «historic.» Ten armored vehicles of the Turkish delegation in the conditions adopted in the Greek capital increased security measures went to the Central Syntagma square, where the President laid a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown soldier. Most of the wars waged by Greece, was with Turkey. Erdogan then went to the nearby presidential Palace, where he met with the head of the Hellenic Republic, Prokopis pavlopoulos by. Their talks were held behind closed doors. Then begin the broader Greco-Turkish talks. In the middle of the day Erdogan will travel to located on the same street as the residence of the Prime Minister of Greece, where he held talks with Alexis Tsipras, following which it held a joint press conference. The first day of stay in Greece of the President of Turkey will end with an official lunch.

Muslim Affairs

However, it is possible that Erdogan will also meet with representatives of the Muslim community in Athens, which has now — thanks largely settled in the country in recent years, migrants from Muslim countries — 500 thousand people. After decades of promises from the Greek authorities and protests from the Orthodox community and the Greek Church, the Muslims will soon have at its disposal full-fledged mosque but without a minaret. It is almost built near the sacred way that led in ancient times from Athens to Eleusis, and the former Academy of Plato. Now in the vicinity of the mosque, the first built in Athens after the anti-Turkish liberation revolution of 1821, are situated the warehouses of the Greek army – is highly symbolic and «good» neighborhood. Athenian Muslims, if they have the chance, be sure to complain to the Turkish President, as difficult to be a Muslim in a country where many have not ceased to be Christians that they are not allowed to build in Athens dozens, hundreds of mosques. It seems that if Greece does not change the power, declared war on Christianity, they soon will.

The next day, Friday, Erdogan and his entourage will travel to Northern Greece — Komotini, in the region, where compact ready at any moment to join Turkey’s Muslim population. It is about 150 thousand people. No problems with mosques, opportunities to be Muslims and lead a certain lifestyle they have. This is mainly musulmanina Slavs, the so-called Pomaks, but the Turkish authorities, of course, consider them Turks. As Friday is a day of prayer, Erdogan and his entourage will go to the mosque. On that note, the visit of the President of Turkey to Greece.

Expectations and fears of the Greeks

Ahead of the visit of Greek Prime Minister Tsipras in an interview with Turkish Anadolu news Agency expressed the hope that Erdogan’s visit will give a chance «to make bold steps forward» in addressing issues of bilateral relations and long-standing Cyprus problem. According to him, it is necessary to maintain when the Greeks and Turks-Cypriots are ready for it, «the resumption of negotiations for a just and viable solution on Cyprus based on UN resolutions». He expressed hope that the negotiations in this case will lead to success.

Tsipras underlined the need to respect the Lausanne Treaty of 1923, under which released through massacre and terror from millions of Greek Orthodox Turkey refused to turn from claims on the Greek Islands of the Aegean sea, such as Limnos, Samothraki, Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Ikaria has agreed to the establishment of the land boundary along the river Maritsa in Thrace. In addition, the Greek Prime Minister expressed concern about the frequent violations of the airspace of Greece, the Turkish military aircraft.

An important place in the negotiations is the issue of illegal immigration. Even though Greece now runs a government that for ideological reasons was favourable to migrants, the already impoverished country had to bear in connection with this enormous financial costs, to deal with the sudden public discontent and the actual «occupation» of its Aegean Islands Muslim illegal migrants, including those, which are claimed by Turkey. Competent persons in Athens, of course, understand that the migration tsunami that swept Greece and other EU countries in 2015, is man-made origin, and that the vast crowd of «refugees» would not have been able to pass through the territory of Turkey and to splash out in Greece without the logistic support of the Turkish authorities. And that at any moment, especially if Ankara does quarrel with Brussels and Berlin, it can happen again. Team to shoot in the sea boats with migrants Athens, its military and border guards will not give, and that means everything will repeat again. And it all depends on Ankara’s…

«Cunning plan» of Erdogan

In turn, the Turkish President gave before his visit to Greece, extensive interview authoritative Greek newspaper «Kathimerini». It should stay in more detail. Because steeped in permanent crisis, destroyed industry, mired in heavy debts, morally bruised Greece in this world a little that depends. From a booming, economically powerful, confident and conducting an independent policy of Turkey — much more. From the interview it is clear that Erdogan intends to discuss with the Greek leaders of «all» the issues of bilateral relations and difficult regional issues, including economic ties, energy, transport, tourism, cultural contacts, to raise the issue of extradition to Turkey of eight escaped to Greece after a failed coup antidopingovogo officers. However, the most important issue in the negotiations will, of course, the «territorial problem» in the Aegean sea, which, from the point of view of Greece, no need, according to Erdogan, «update» Lausanne peace Treaty of 1923, which, according to Athens, should be «respected», and not to change.

How Turkey plans on friendship «back» of the island

A significant part of the interview was devoted to the Lausanne peace Treaty, which for decades had been a cornerstone of bilateral relations, but since then has ceased to hold the efforts of Turkey. From the evasive answers of Erdogan on this important subject matters, however, we can conclude how Ankara is going to act in the foreseeable future. Turkey will carry out a creeping revision of the Treaty, seducing Athens «mutual benefits» – trade, tourism, economic dividends, development of contacts between people, these «great bridges of friendship.» With this sauce the Turks hope that the Greeks will not insist on its interpretation of Maritime and air borders between the two countries, will allow the Turks free to ignore them and gradually erase to a «mutual relief».

«Our fighters and our planes must not endanger each other. We must overcome this and create a spirit of solidarity between our two peoples: in the air, on land and in the seas. If we can achieve this solidarity, I think that relations between the two countries will be propagated. We stand ready as Turkey to do much,» said Erdogan.

In conclusion, the Turkish President assured the Greeks that the Turks them for a long time and love dearly, said that the main purpose of his visit is to «negative relationship between the two countries in the past» that Turkey is making every effort to establish relations with Greece on a «high strategic level» for the sake of «better future», in «security and stability» – the two fundamental principles which must be adhered to at any cost. The Turkish President urged to once again «turn the page» in bilateral relations, to 80 million people in Turkey and 11 miliona Greece «were able to build a better future.» It seems that for the price of Turkey do not stand up, but only Greece can become less.


Erdogan arrived in Athens to take away the Greek Islands 08.12.2017

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