Energy found where to save 200 billion

Minenergo suggests that the government impose restrictions on the power produced by incandescent Lam, lowering the threshold to 75 or 50 watt within the next three years to encourage the transition to energy-efficient lighting, said at the government meeting Minister of energy Alexander Novak.

«We believe that we could consider lowering the threshold for filament lamps from 100 to 75 or 50 watts in the future two to three years», — quotes the words of Novak TASS.

According to him, more than 100 countries have implemented measures to ban incandescent lamps. Novak noted that a prerequisite of such restrictive measures could be the introduction of certification and minimum warranty period for energy-saving lamps.

«Overall, our industry is ready to provide a modern energy efficient lamps any number (for sales),» added the Minister.

As reported by Novak in Vladimir for three years, replaced 44% of its street lamps to LEDs, which allowed to save up to 30% energy consumption. He noted that in Moscow, thanks to similar measures failed to increase the illumination of the city by 40% without increasing energy consumption.

According to him, this year there is a ban on non-energy-saving light sources for state and municipal institutions, while the share of led lighting should be increased to 75% by 2020. He noted that the gradual replacement of street lamps to LEDs. «In General, if to speak about the potential savings may amount to 200 billion rubles a year, since lighting consumes approximately 12% of the total electricity consumption. Here up to 40% of electricity consumption can be saved,» — said the Minister.

Energy found where to save 200 billion 19.10.2017

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