Elderly paedophile molested 10-year-old girl in Bashkiria

In Bashkiria the pedophile received nine years in prison for brutal abuse of 10-year-old girl.

In haybullinsky district of Bashkiria pensioner abused 10-year-old girl. As has established a consequence, 79-year-old man lured the child into his garage.

There’s a pervert first showed the girl intimate photos on your phone, and then, taking advantage of the helplessness of the child, committed against his victim’s actions are of an intimate nature.

Later, the girl told an adult and those called the police. Law enforcement found out all the circumstances of the crime.

The investigation failed to gather all the necessary evidence. The court sentenced the pedophile to nine years in a strict regime colony.

Elderly paedophile molested 10-year-old girl in Bashkiria 24.11.2016

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