Eight people: why do girls go to the Ryazan airborne school

This year the legendary Ryazan higher airborne school came to do about a thousand students. The highest recorded contest among girls — 8 people into place.

From among these students entrance examinations not only of the exam, check future students on skill and endurance. The order of the day as close to the army. Lift strictly at 6 in the morning — lie in bed and skip a couple just will not work. Many over-the-shoulder military training, said «TV Center».

Cadets are not only taught military step and early recovery, they are required and relevant military training.

«For the fourth consecutive year of increased demands on physical training of students, and they are probably the highest in the country. We prepare the officers with the weapon in hands will defend their Homeland. And I am glad that those applicants who come from them, this feeling is developed», — says the Deputy Chairman of the admissions Committee Timothy Yudin.

The high level of competition, oddly enough, girls — 8 persons into place. And attracts the weaker sex is not romance of the sky and the blue berets. The standards for the girls, of course, men are different, but at the same time — no exceptions. Catherine Gurenko, for example, failed the push-UPS, so the arrival is delayed to the next year. But give up she’s definitely not going to.

«A year is too much time to pull yourself up. You can direct wow to come here! And pass right on perfectly. I suggest anyone who wants to connect his life with the military profession, to enroll in the airborne troops, because it is a elite troops, I think,» says the girl.

In this year came about a thousand students. But the Commission will only allow the best. And then army life. Until the oath waiting for them another three jumps.

Salomasova Alexander, Alexander Zvantsev. «TV Center».

Eight people: why do girls go to the Ryazan airborne school 13.07.2017

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