Dutch NRC published a report, which recognizes that AFU shelled the Donbass

«Deep faith into a new Donetsk Republic» is the title of the report from the Donbass, published by Dutch newspaper NRC, is known for his anti-Russian stance. European media bluntly wrote that in peaceful neighborhoods of the cities of the DNI and LC firing of the Ukrainian artillery, said the political scientist Vladimir Kornilov.

«Believe it or not, Dutch newspaper NRC have written in plain text, who’s bombing civilians of Donetsk. No, reporting from Donetsk, referring to the barbaric bombardment of a million city, in the Western media abound. But it is usually: undertake interviews with Donetsk, they complain of the attacks, showing the destruction, but there is not a word is mentioned, who bombed my countrymen. As a result, the average audience of any BBC or CNN, Holy confidence that «Ukraine was invaded by Russian troops,» the impression that it was «bloody Putin» constantly bombing Donetsk and other cities of Donbass», — wrote Kornilov in Facebook.

«The newspaper NRC (incidentally, one of the most anti-Russian in the Netherlands) was placed on a two-page report from Donetsk, under the heading of “Deep faith in a new Donetsk Republic”. And there in black and white says: on a peaceful quarter of the Kuibyshev district of the Ukrainian artillery shoots. No, for us it is nothing new, but for Western people valuable information», — he walked through the European media, the Donetsk political scientist.

Photo: Facebook

«The author, after talking with lots of Donetsk, sees no possibility to return these regions to the Ukraine. He writes: «In Donetsk and the neighboring Luhansk almost no one believes that the breakaway regions will ever return to the Ukrainian state.» «I can’t live in a country that killed my friends,» says 20-year-old student Tatiana Gorbunova in Lugansk. «One thing is clear,» said 30-year-old activist Alena putrya from Donetsk, the Ukrainian flag will never fly here»… Here is such a story. Amazing to the Western press by today’s standards», — sums up Vladimir Kornilov.

It is worth noting that despite the anti-Russian orientation of the editorial policy of the newspaper NRC, to Kiev the publication also refers, without any sympathy. So, it is called the media on the eve of the referendum in the Netherlands on the issue of signing the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU, placed on the cover of «anti-Ukrainian» toilet paper.

Dutch NRC published a report, which recognizes that AFU shelled the Donbass 01.08.2016

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