Drunken cancers scientists have proven the advantages of solitude

Researchers from the University of Maryland in College Park have discovered an unexpected benefit from loneliness. Their findings are made on the basis of experiments conducted on crayfish. This was reported in the scientific article of the journal of Experimental Biology.

Scientists decided to find out what may be helpful to loneliness. For their research as experimental animals experts have chosen the usual crayfish. At one stage of the experiment, scientists decided to test how it will act on the alcohol «sociable» crayfish and crayfish-singles. To do this in one of the aquariums were placed several animals, and in the other one. The researchers then added in the tank a small dose of alcohol and noticed that cancers are sociable tapanuli much faster single. Animals from the first group showed signs of intoxication after 20 minutes, and on the other in 30. The experiment was repeated many times with different proportions of alcohol, but the result remained the same.

Earlier also it was reported that scientists spoke about the unique abilities «immortal» naked mole rat.

Drunken cancers scientists have proven the advantages of solitude 21.04.2017

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