Dr. Komarovsky: every living horse brings the collapse of Ukraine

According to the famous Ukrainian doctor-pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky, the Kiev government interested in the fact that the population of Ukraine rapidly declined. In particular, we are talking about «surviving old people» that every day more and more the closer the collapse of the Pension Fund of the country.

He noted that without reform, the authority to speak about qualitative changes in health care and the rule of law has no meaning. «This government kills us every day, she is interested in one — to reduce the number of Ukrainians» — said Komorowski, adding that Kiev has failed to notify the grandparents, now it is the turn of grandparents, and more will follow young «the wrong» Ukrainians. After that there will be a lot of «free» land, which later will be free to sell. The doctor lamented that the country’s inhabitants themselves suffer from such treatment, and this is their main problem. «We suffer, so deserved. Themselves to blame. It’s a pity the children».

Komorowski added that he had previously expressed similar thoughts, but none of the officials did not even bother to answer criticism: «They are all the same. I the money they have not taken, so they can pretend not to hear my screams and they’re not interested».

Speaking of the Ukrainian President, I recalled the recent adoption of the bill on dual citizenship. In 25 years of independence, the fate of cancer patients has not changed a bit, hundreds of Ukrainians have no access to pain control medication are therefore forced to scream from the pain. However, Poroshenko did not even think that it is possible to organize the Commission of the employees of the Ministry of health and Ministry of internal Affairs, once and for all to close for a few days this painful in all senses of the question. Instead, it is concerned about any passport.

Dr. Komarovsky: every living horse brings the collapse of Ukraine 18.04.2017

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