Doctors of the clinical hospital № 13 called Champions of nursing premature babies

Center where life saving for those who just came to light. Perinatal Department of the Filatov hospital in just three years. And his professionals are already called Champions of nursing premature babies. The success of their work lies not only in current knowledge and high-tech equipment.

This baby with a heart defect successfully and in time operated in the cardiology center named after Bakulev. And then was transferred to the nursing in the perinatal centre at hospital №13. Such difficult history here — an infinite set, reports «TV Center».

«Next patient, he was on a ventilator. He long breathed, he was born with intrauterine pneumonia. It is an ideal hemodynamic parameters and I think in three or four days he will be transferred to the ICU. And also a month and a half back home», — said the head of neonatal resuscitation the second phase of GKB No. 13 Edward Sakunts.

Premature infants with critically low body weight, intrauterine growth retardation — with such a sad diagnosis kids come here from all over Moscow for many years.

«The building was commissioned in 1949. So he was already over 60 years. And then there was even such specialties as neonatology. She appeared just after treatment was initiated and the reception of such children. Therefore, our doctors, our specialists have been at the birth of a new specialty, which is now called neonatology», — said the chief doctor of city clinical hospital №13 Leonid Aronov.

For young patients here have special conditions. Modern and includes all the necessary equipment. The center is considered a champion of nursing. The artificial system of ventilation it accounts for up to 750 children. Subsequently, they are easily adapted to natural breathing with the help of special devices.

To nurse the children and helps the compounder — mixing system solutions under sterile conditions with a maximum precision of dosage. With the help of the children get well adjusted the daily amount of food and all necessary medications.

«You can set volume. We program the number required for each child individually. And now, in these bags is actually the required amount to us, and the device itself is gaining,» — said the procedural nurse of the clinical hospital №13 Irina Aleksandrova.

In addition to technology, kids save the caring hands and hearts of physicians and nurses. Young patients are treated with great respect. In contrast to other neonatal units, here the kids are not in diapers. And comfortable vests, made by French curves.

Ekaterina Gogoleva, Alexander Savin, «TV Center».

Doctors of the clinical hospital № 13 called Champions of nursing premature babies 25.11.2017

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