Disposal of medical wastes: methods and features

In this case, the system of collection, preservation, transportation of waste must should contain the next stages:

  • Collecting absolutely all waste within agencies, which carry out the work of medical and pharmaceutical direction.
  • Conduct move waste right out of the departments of the company in the room, storage on the territory of enterprises. The process of disinfection/disposal of residues.
  • Transport of residues from the territory of the enterprises producing waste.
  • Burial or destruction of wastes.

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The means of implementation of waste disposal

Nowadays in the society is quite a large number of methods of waste disposal. However, more popular are the following methods:

  • The existing waste incineration in special furnaces.
  • The implementation of steam sterilization under considerable pressure and at a temperature of more than 100 with the use of specialized units of autoclaves.
  • Chemical treatment of medical waste.
  • The direct use of microwaves at the time of the decontamination residues.
  • Sterilization residues of radiation.
  • Utilityowned medical waste.

All of the methods have their own pros and its own cons. Disinfection of various wastes with the use of chemicals can cause to the formation of unsafe compounds throughout the environment. While incinerators have a high cost because of the need of construction of complex systems of gas purification, because of this not every plant, waste handling, capable to buy them.

So, after the application of each of these methods of treatment, as a rule, disinfected medical waste can easily be recycled. Solid residues disposed of together with household waste in landfills, wherein the liquid remains of casts into a single drain. But in order to guarantee that the treatment carried out in a proper way, and unsafe for human agents disappeared from waste, conducts special studies. For example, in the case of processing biological wastes, to carry out testing on the probability of rekultivirovana bio strains.

Disposal of medical wastes: methods and features 30.10.2017

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