Die Welt: Turkey gives Germany permission for the development of a NATO base

Germany planned to invest in the development database
NATO’s Incirlik in Turkey 58 million euros, but Ankara did not give permission for it. About
this article says the German publication Die Welt, which has in its
has the government’s response to the relevant parliamentary query from
the «green»party.

«The Turkish side has not yet issued a permit for
the construction work, the Federal government remains in the dark, it
confuses us,» — said the representative of the party, Agnieszka Gruber.

It was expected that work on the development of the base of Incirlik
will start at the end of June 2016, however all the time, delayed because
political conflicts between Germany and Turkey. For example, the scandal caused
adopted by the Bundestag on June 2, a resolution on the Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire.
Then Ankara for a long time was not given permission
German parliamentarians on a visit to the base, in response, Germany threatened
revoke the military.

According to plans, approximately 26 million euros had to go on
the construction of the airfield for the German Tornado reconnaissance aircraft and the purchase
residential containers. Another 30 million Euro was going to send to mobile
the command post, and 2 million euros will cost only the Foundation underneath. In
currently at a NATO base in Incirlik are more than 240 soldiers from

Now in the relations of Germany and Turkey also
a new scandal erupted. Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan sharply criticized
the German authorities because of their position on members of the organization of Fethullah Gulen. In his speech
in Ankara he said that Germany «gives refuge to terrorists.» And the Minister
of foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier during a press conference in
Berlin said that «does not understand» the logic of Erdogan’s statements.

Die Welt: Turkey gives Germany permission for the development of a NATO base 04.11.2016

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