Design houses under the program of renovation will be outstanding architects

Moscow authorities can bring to the design of houses and districts under the program of renovation of the European architects. The mayor met with representatives of British and Swiss architectural firm, who have great experience from designing the master plan to complete the construction of famous buildings. Meanwhile, the Muscovites vote on the inclusion or withdrawal from the program of renovation was completed the day before.

To design the blocks in place of the demolished high-rise will be prominent architects, said «TV Center». The name Pierre de Meuron are known not only in his homeland in Switzerland. Sports stadiums, concert halls, libraries and, of course, residential complexes – these are just a few examples of projects that architects Herzog & de Meron brought to life in different parts of the world. On Friday, one of the founders of the company took the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

«I am glad to welcome you in Moscow. With you we intend to work closely with your architectural firm, with those people who are in your team and is known around the world,» said the mayor.

«Thank you for the invitation. The main thing is it is the quality of life in the city. I hope that we will be able to create a project that will meet this demand,» said Pierre de Meuron.

Baron Norman foster in the world of architecture also needs no introduction. Winner of prestigious awards, Lord banks of the Thames, a life peer, he’s created a company that has achieved unprecedented heights. At a meeting with Sergey Sobyanin came to the head of design of Foster+Partners.

«Glad to see you in Moscow. I know that you are working in Moscow on a number of projects, and also in other regions. Moscow is a big city with a huge investment with a huge urban development opportunities,» said the mayor.

In the portfolio, Foster+Partners already have a project similar to that in Moscow yet to be realized. In the German Duisburg the British built in the former industrial zone district, not just where comfortably to live there completely forget that you are in a typical industrial city. The quality of the houses is the quality of people’s lives. That’s the basic principle of the Bureau. They have guided the formulation of the master plan of Cairo.

«Almost all cities survive the upgrade process. I believe that this is an opportunity for development. We spoke about his experience of participation in such projects. But we need to study the program of renovation in detail. And then together we will make a decision,» said senior partner and head of service design by British architectural firm Foster+Partners.

«In this case, Norman Foster interesting to us, because it designed a huge number of objects in the world – from the master plan down to the specific design of individual buildings,» — said the head of the Department of construction of Moscow Marat Khusnullin.

This week, in General, have added many important facts in the life of the project renovation. June 15 ended the popular vote. 466 homes – the entry into a program of renovation. This is the most recent data. That, however, is not final. The votes still go through a verification procedure. But even after it on for one month, Muscovites will have the opportunity to change your mind and vote in favour at the General meeting. But already on July 15 from a project that you can get.

Numbers and past data with their listings began a round table organized by the Public chamber, to sum it up.

«2312 houses, those houses where the «for» voted more than 90%. 80 to 90% in 1161 house. 600 homes from two-thirds to 80% of the vote,» — said the head of information policy Department of Moscow Artem Ermolaev.

During the voting time had to face many unexpected problems. It appeared that many Muscovites, for example, incorrect data is displayed in the property documents. Travel, entry into the inheritance: people often «forget» to renew my papers. In these centres faced with very curious case.

«The house has 5 floors. 40 apartments. A man comes, says: I am from 42nd. The situation begins to deteriorate until a person comes from the 7th floor of the 46 apartments. It turns out that in the 80 years the house was rebuilt, of the 5 made the 8-storey. But when Mosgorsvet no data not made», — said Ermolaev.

Some continue to insist that the referendum violates the rights of the minority. But experts again answer: any apartment building from a legal point of view is a condominium in which all decisions are taken by a majority of owners. It is world practice.

Eugene Brown, Alexander Kozlikin, Julia Stepina, Dmitry Polyakov, «TV Center»

Design houses under the program of renovation will be outstanding architects 17.06.2017

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