Crimeans reacting to the confession Ukrainka about life on the Peninsula

The resident of Yalta Oksana Kravchenko, positioning himself as a woman «with an active civic position», told one of the Ukrainian media about how her life on the Russian Peninsula. Using the standard Kiev cliché, she stated that «the laws in Crimea don’t work», and the Kiev government in the region lived «five times better». Kravchenko did not hesitate to complain about the alleged deterioration of the quality of life of the Crimean residents. In addition, to enhance the image, she noted that she no longer trusts the city Council of Yalta and administration, as they «ignore» her complaint. It is worth noting that the woman systematically sends treatment on all possible issues, ranging from quality of roads, ending illegal (in her opinion) buildings. How simple the teacher so much time and money on «investigations» of corruption and implementation of the legislation also remains open.

Video source:Евгений Volnov

The inhabitants of the Crimea and the Yalta hearing all this negativity, could not remain silent and commented on the «confession» Kravchenko. They had caught a woman in lies and hypocrisy, offering her to return to the «rich» Ukraine. Also, commentators have identified a number of advantages of joining the Peninsula to Russia, which «offended woman» for some reason forgot.

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Crimeans reacting to the confession Ukrainka about life on the Peninsula 31.10.2017

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