Crimean Marines fully rearmed with the latest BTR-82A

The Department of information support of the black sea fleet reported that their brigade of Marines the day before received the latest batch of new armored personnel carriers BTR-82A and is now fully manned by them.

It is noted that all machines have been tested in urban and field conditions. In particular, virtually all the equipment participated in the exercises «Caucasus-2016», as well as in the parade dedicated to the Victory Day. Currently, the crews of armored vehicles work for fire training. The black sea fleet said that men need to get used to the weapons.

Previous Armored personnel carriers were equipped with magnificent heavy machine gun Vladimirov, but increased the level of armor protection from foreign counterparts forced designers to abandon it. Now this type of equipment is armed with 30-mm gun 2A72, which greatly increased the firepower of the machine. In addition, the gun is not in the traditional tower as before, but in a desert module. Now the shooter is protected by a more durable body and controls the turret remotely. BTR-82 has received a new digital scopes, survey system, and other modern electronics. It is obvious that the soldiers, accustomed to the BTR-80, you will need practice to get used to the new technology.

Photo source:Пресс-служба the Ministry of defence

Since the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, the black sea fleet is experiencing a rebirth. Actively rearming not only ground and airborne units, but also directly flotilla. Almost every month new sailors get combat boats, corvettes and even frigates, as well as service vessels. The Russian military provide the residents maximum protection, because after the referendum, the West has repeatedly raised the issue of the power to punish the Crimean people for their desire to return to Russia. In addition, the North continued to rage, Ukrainian radicals are trying to provoke conflict on the border. However, the Russian authorities promptly managed to return the black sea fleet of the former grandeur and now you can be sure that any threats of the West or Ukraine will remain nothing more than empty words.

Crimean Marines fully rearmed with the latest BTR-82A 20.05.2017

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