Concerted action by the CAA allowed a competent counter-attack against militants

The jihadists suffered heavy losses while trying to attack in southern Hama. Militants from Jaysh al-Tawhidi and Akhra-al-Shamy, together with the SSA troops attacked positions held by SAA.

The attack was sudden. As the result of violent clashes and heavy shelling the jihadists still managed to capture two checkpoints and to establish control over half the city.

Thus, the militants managed to break through the most significant strategic point of the government troops in the southern part of Hama. Soon, however, the government army managed to mobilize and strike back.

The strength of the CAA with the strong support of the air force Syria began an effective counterattack, step by step occupying the reclaimed militants positions.
According to the Syrian news agencies, more than 10 militants were killed in the clashes, including the infamous Ahmad Abd al-Salam Bakkour (a military commander of Jaysh al-Tawhidi).

In General, the situation on the front line in a rural area South of Hama remains more or less calm, as this area borders the Northern part of the province of HOMS. The province of HOMS, in turn, has long been a «hot spot».

Based on the video released by the group, the Ahra al-sham, which action shows their participation in intensive training in a military camp somewhere in Northern HOMS. This suggests that despite the loss of positions, action of the Ahra al-sham are willing to fight fiercely with the Syrian Army.

Concerted action by the CAA allowed a competent counter-attack against militants 19.06.2017

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