«Colonial habits»: the Members of the UN security Council failed to agree on Syria

The last meeting of the UN security Council on Syria was simultaneously weird and predictable. No wonder Russia’s permanent representative to the UN
Vitaly Churkin, this month he is the President of the Security Council, called
the vote «one of the strangest
» in the organization’s history, as all parties knew in advance that all
the draft resolution on Syria will be rejected.

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You should understand, how «stalled»
the mechanism of work of the UN security Council and what reasons caused this.

Russia vetoed
resolution France. Note that 11 countries have unanimously supported this resolution
against, but Russia voted only Venezuela and two countries abstained. And what — not
it is said even on the official website of the United Nations.

The resolution, proposed by France, suggested a complete cessation
the bombing of the Syrian city of Aleppo, as well as military flights over the city. Speaking
in other words, the Syrian army had to stay without air support.

(See. article PolitRussia — US run into a direct confrontation with videoconferencing)

In addition, the French resolution promoted the concept of establishing control over
the truce with the UN is, if translated from the diplomatic means
the transition from action to talking. The UN will meet and discuss, meanwhile Bashar al-Assad will remain without support, if the decision is «nothing
to take without the explicit permission of the UN.» It is clear that illegal support
terrorists will remain.

Demonstration made
the answer to the question «why ban
the flight on a controlled ATS part of the city?
» — «So comfortable«. A terrific rationale!

The resolution even openly stated the call to «ensure
the immediate cessation of hostilities, starting from Aleppo
«. It is very
not like the opponents of the sovereignty of Syria slow but steady displacement of the
terrorists of this important item. Not surprisingly, Vitaly Churkin advance
said about the impossibility of adoption of the resolution:

«This is not the version of the resolution that should be taken. I have a suspicion that the real motive is to provoke a veto from Russia».Churkin Vitaly Ivanovich

Yes, on the veto already raised a small tantrum. Press Secretary
The white house Joshua Ernest has already expressed «disappointment»
The US as a result of the veto by Russia and sometimes China (no wonder the Russians stop believing
in the US struggle with terrorism), and the President of France Francois Hollande in advance
pathos said the draft resolution:

«The country which will veto this resolution, will be discredited in the eyes of the world. She will be responsible for the ongoing atrocities».Francois Hollande

After the veto the UK’s permanent representative to the UN Matthew
called the realization of the legitimate rights of Russia’s «cynical abuse of the privileges and responsibilities permanent
member of the UN security Council
, «which de «not
left possible the formation of unity in the security Council
«. Russia’s envoy Vitaly
Churkin replied, as
always tough but fair:

«The representative of the United Kingdom pathetically exclaimed: «Stop (the strikes — ed.) now.» Really, stop now to support different mob worldwide extremists, terrorists and various other fans to destabilize the situation in the country. In General, stop interfering in the Affairs of other sovereign States, leave these colonial habits, leave the world alone. And then the situation will be improved in many regions of the world.»

It is significant that the delegates of USA, UK and Ukraine left the session hall of the UN security Council as soon as the word was given
the representative of Syria.

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So, the French idea of «to protect terrorists from the air, and
better — from military action against them all» is not passed, although Russia offered
the amendments, which she would have voted «for». Only then to protect
terrorists would not work, so the French compromise is not agreed.

Russia, in turn, have also introduced the draft resolution on
Syria, which was put to a vote after the French. Veto
overlay not necessary, as nine security Council members voted «against»:
USA, UK, France, Ukraine, Spain, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia,
Senegal. «For» voted Russia, China, Venezuela and Egypt, and Uruguay and Angola abstained.

What is so unacceptable to US, UK and France
contained in the Russian version of the resolution?

In it, first, supported the position of the special
envoy of the UN Secretary-General for Syria of Stephan de Mistura on the withdrawal of the
militants of the banned terrorist organization «dzhebhat an-Nusra»
from Aleppo, and the UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon addressed a special request
«to submit to the Security Council
the detailed plan of implementation
» of the initiative, and «in cooperation with interested parties«.

the Russian resolution called for the implementation of the Russian-American
agreement on Syria which was reached on 9 September. The same idea is moving in
the General form is: stop Syria’s support to any terrorist groups and
to achieve the rupture of relations with them all «moderate opposition.» You need
define (and decide for themselves groups), who’s who, and to require
to comply with the stated disposition.

It is clear that such a resolution had no chance for acceptance:
even if the outcome of the vote was different, the US would use veto power. Below
to understand the situation, it is required to remember what to require
U.S. agreements on Syria, and, in particular, the instructions of the Russian foreign Ministry to doubt
the sincerity of the United States:

«Especially drew the attention of the reluctance to publicly confirm their commitment to separate the sensible opposition from the «Dzhabhat EN-Nusra» [banned in Russia], which is a division of «al-Qaeda», and together with Russia to attack the terrorists and any of their accomplices, does not stop the fire.»

Simply put, the US really does not want any sort
militants in Syria on outright terrorists and «moderate» — all I can
useful against Assad. Russia demands to produce regrading and publicly
to declare the result, and then to act together against the «immoderate»
parts international terrorism.

But the purpose of the United States, as all are obviously not terrorists and
the extremists and personally Assad, Syria appears not as a sovereign state,
but as the next candidate on the fate of Libya. Significant in this regard, «indirect
negotiations» between the US and Russia last week: the CIA expressed the desire to do without a UN security Council resolution and begin to bomb the Syrian army in the framework
secret military operations, is clearly on display. On it the official representative of the
Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov warned:

«Let me remind you of the American «strategists» that the air cover of the Russian military bases in Hamima and Tartus are anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 and s-300, the radius of which may be surprising for any unidentified flying objects. … is unlikely to be time to clarify on the «straight line» the exact program of missiles and accessories their carriers».Igor Konashenkov E.

A regular contributor to «PolitRussia» Sergey Kolesnikov (Zerg)
aptly put about the incident:

«The whole civilized
Europe watched in awe as the bad forces of Syria and Russia grind
ashes so carefully trained and armed militants. The account goes on thousand,
it will be hard to fill such a loss.

Tomorrow is Monday
expect hand-wringing of the state Department and a flurry in the media — the UN security Council should
urgent reform to the veto was only the United States, they are better than other
know how

«US only» — this, of course, an exaggeration, but the Supreme
UN high Commissioner for human rights Zeid Raad al Hussein has urged the security Council
The UN «to adopt criteria to deter members from using
the right of veto
«. As a permanent member of the UN security Council include
Russia, China, USA, UK and France, it is clear that without the veto the UN as
the organization will completely lose meaning.

But the hysteria of the West has already begun. In addition to the already cited
statements from the meeting can lead, for example, the words of U.S. permanent representative to the UN David Pressman:

«Russia is using counter-terrorism as an excuse to help the regime of (Syrian President Bashar) Assad to regain control by brute force».

Funny? They say, but how else can terrorists do? And
here Mr. Pressman points to the correct policies pursued by Washington:

«[The US] continue to urge opposition groups to dissociate themselves from «Dzhebhat EN-Nusra.»

It is significant, that can call upon a long, long time…

The foreign Minister of France , Jean-Marie Ayrault,
saying that (putting forward a draft resolution and refusing constructive
amendments), the French knew the inevitable veto, which is «a gift to (President) Bashar Assad, «and «the international community has no right
to prevent this
«. Very clearly, who don’t like France
rabid extremists or Assad. While Ayrault did not hesitate to declare that
France is «waging an uncompromising struggle
against terrorism

Photo: reuters

Russia and Venezuela vetoed the French draft resolution on Syria

Carefully and objectively assess the situation until a permanent representative
China’s Liu Jieyi, who noted that in the Russian version, which is
«full, comprehensive and balanced«,
«calls on the parties to stop
hostilities, access for humanitarian aid, applying
additional efforts to combat terrorism
«. Meanwhile, French
the draft resolution, to put it diplomatically, does not reflect the «full respect for the sovereignty, independence and territorial
integrity of Syria

As for Syria, Ambassador Bashar ja’afari
expected supported the Russian version and said that the French resolution expresses
«nostalgia for the colonial past«:

«The blocking of the Russian draft resolution for the hundredth time confirms that those who opposed it, there is no political will to fight terrorism and to achieve inter-Syrian settlement».

What conclusions can we draw from this strange meeting
The UN security Council, the outcome of which was clear in the first place?

First, the positions of countries increasingly reveal the truth:
to get rid of streamlined applications, speaking about certain theories, but when mass die
people, «who are you» are defined by actions.

Secondly, despite the confrontation and overly loud
the application of the West, the diplomatic negotiations for the settlement
the situation will continue. Public statements — this show real
agreement are not made in open meetings. However, Russia has always
remember that a kind word, army, air, sea and space
the Navy and the strategic missile forces we can achieve much more than just a kind word.

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«Colonial habits»: the Members of the UN security Council failed to agree on Syria 09.10.2016

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