Collection of receivables

The process of development of each enterprise is inextricably linked with the search for partners and conclusion of contracts. The economic activities affect the scope of the services, goods or work performed. Payment between counterparties must be done in exact time.

When this happens, or is paid only part of the amount receivable arises. The non-payment of bills is often associated with embezzlement, theft, shortages. A timely appeal to the Bureau will allow in short time to solve this complex problem.

Types of debt

First and foremost, you should understand the form of receivables, to take further steps. Under normal debt money issued under report. The goods shipped or service rendered, and payment has not yet been made. Overdue debt arises at the moment when the deadline, but funds are not transferred to the account. It is distinguished as bad and doubtful.

The maturity is divided into short-term, i.e. up to one year, and long-term — more than 12 months. Bad debt is often associated with bankruptcy or disappearance of the debtor. But even in this case, it is possible to return the money.

Collection methods

The sooner you can identify the overdue debt, the faster you will be able to find a solution. There are various very effective methods. It is extremely important to draw up a contract, which will be clearly defined responsibilities, timelines and procedures for non-payment of debt. Consultation with a qualified lawyer often allows you to prevent debt and predprinyat the right steps on likely debt recovery.

Often in this situation, it is highly effective is the claim letter which will refer to the clauses of the contract. In the future it will form the basis of the claim. The claim must be sent to the official email notification to the email address or Fax. Conducting telephone conversations or personal meetings. Increasingly connected mediation service. This gives you the opportunity to make concessions to the parties to make settlements, to agree on cooperation on the transfer of promissory notes, assets, property.

If progress does not occur, you should contact the collection Agency, or to defend their interests in court.

Appeal to the court

Preparing for court it is better to start at the stage of pre-trial settlement. You need to file a lawsuit at the place of registration of the legal entity. When it comes to a physical person (individual entrepreneur), the case is not considered in the arbitration as a court of General jurisdiction. The statement is applied, the contract, invoices, bills, a copy of the claim, postal receipt. Indicate the exact amount owed, interest and penalties, if the item was provided in the contract.

Lawyers will be able to competently make a claim and attach a full package of documents. All debts must be documented. In this case, you will definitely receive a positive verdict. Debt recovery and litigation costs has its own quirks. Need more frequent visits to the bailiff, to specify the exact location of the debtor. Bureau will select the best collection strategy and find the best option during your consultation.

Collection of receivables 27.10.2016

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