CIS is preparing to repel attacks from the air

Air defense of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan took part in the largest recent exercises to repel air attack. These exercises have certainly been clear about the threats that are preparing the Russian armed forces and their colleagues in neighbouring countries.

Data on past exercises are impressive: as reported by the RIA «Novosti», they were involved in more than 130 command posts, raised on a drill to intercept long-range bombers conventional enemy more than 100 combat aircraft and helicopters. The s-400, s-300 and «Armour-S» simulated release of 200 missiles, radar troops units were more than three thousand aircraft, anti-aircraft missile battalions conventionally fired about 100 targets. Combat aircraft rose into the sky over 100 times the MiG-31, MiG-29 and su-27 has made more than 50 hovers at the intruder, whose role is performed strategic long-range bombers and fighter aircraft.

Such large-scale exercises are held on the background of a serious deterioration of relations between Russia and the West. In recent time, the Alliance regularly conducts exercises near the Russian borders, fulfilling both defensive and offensive operations. In particular, these days in the Latvian Adazi polygon are NATO exercise «Silver arrow», involving more than three thousand soldiers from USA, UK, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Albania, Estonia, Lithuania actually Latvia. It is expected that the maneuvers will last until October 31.

«Of course, any scenario of the exercise is to practice the actual threats facing the country and, in fact, preparing for a possible war – shared his vision of the situation, the President of Academy of geopolitical problems the General-the Colonel in resignation, a military expert Leonid Ivashov. – It is therefore logical that the air defense of the CIS countries worked cooperation in case of an invasion into our airspace right now, when anti-Russian rhetoric and actions of the West only intensified. Common air defence system was built in 1995, but these large-scale exercises have not been.»

Ivashov also explained that the exercises are designed primarily to repel an attack from a potential enemy, which now become the NATO structure. «NATO is in this and last year conducted a number of exercises, including the air force. Yes, they were obviously aimed against Russia. What is held in Poland and in the European West. is directed including on Belarus, too. What is held in the South aimed at our ally Armenia, and to some extent on Azerbaijan,» – said Ivashov.

According to him, NATO begins its operations primarily massive air strikes – strikes by cruise missiles and bombers, so Russia should prepare to repel such danger. «The main American military concept – prompt global strike. Precision tools, drones. And air strikes and strategic aviation,» – said Ivashov.

Drones is a new aerial threat, said Colonel-General. «They not only impact and intelligence type. Today is a very small UAVs can hit any system, including tanks, ships. Swarm attack such small aircraft can paralyze the work of large systems. The role of armed drones heavy class. Now we need to define this threat», – said the expert.

With regard to Central Asia, then it is obvious aerial threat there, «but it can suddenly appear», the expert believes. «Therefore, the exercises and, as a rule, indicate a real opponent, not something mythical. Define the dangerous areas where they can follow the attack,» he said.

According to Ivashov, the relative instability of the CIS, which often, depending on the change of policy of a particular country, its sympathy for Russia replaced dislikes, and Vice versa, not able to affect the common air defense system covering the Eurasian space:

«I remember in the exercises of the CIS countries under the Minister of defence Alexander Kuzmuk took part, and Ukraine. Now this, of course, impossible. In General, the Russian leadership has managed to build equal relations with most of the States formed after the collapse of the Soviet Union. However, hypothetically in the event of a real threat of invasion to our country, we can assume that some of them will take a political decision to step aside. However, even this position can not affect the operation of the air defense system, where all the structural units subordinated to a single command. So, I’m sure, in the event of an invasion in the heavenly space of the Russian failures will not.»

A similar opinion was expressed by first Vice-President of the Academy of geopolitical problems, captain first rank, a military expert, doctor of military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov:

«Of course, when we talk about air defense of the CIS countries, primarily referring to the Russian system. The share of Russia in it somewhere 70%, less another 20% – Belarus air defence forces of other countries carry out only secondary functions, nothing more. But this is not important, the important thing is that in this exercise we cover the territory of the former Soviet Union, protecting the airspace from the invading forces of a potential enemy».

Expert diplomatically did not relate the holding current teachings of the deteriorating foreign policy situation, saying that such «training», albeit on a much smaller scale, were made immediately for the post of defense Minister was appointed Sergei Shoigu. However, he admitted that this way Russia once again demonstrated the Western camp own potential and dominance in the post-Soviet space.

Recall that initially in the unified air defense system of the CIS consisted of nine countries: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. However, by the late nineties, Turkmenistan has suspended its participation in it, and Ukraine and Uzbekistan have moved to bilateral cooperation only with Russia, and, last and turned it in 2014 after the victory of Maidan in Kiev.

CIS is preparing to repel attacks from the air 27.10.2016

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