Chubais told Putin about the results of the work of «Rosnano»

Vladimir Putin on Monday in Novo-Ogaryovo met with the Chairman of the Board «RUSNANO» Anatoly Chubais. Discussed the results of the work of the Corporation, which this year was 9 years old.

President Vladimir Putin will meet with the head of «RUSNANO» Anatoly Chubais for the evaluation of nine of the company’s activities. According to Chubais, during this time we have built more than 70 plants in different regions of Russia. Created 30 thousand jobs. Achieved the volume of production in 340 billion rubles, reports «TV Center».

Moreover, it is, said the head of «RUSNANO», not only about new products and technologies. But on whole industries. So, in our country is now successfully operating nuclear medicine, which allows you to identify the most severe cancer in the early stages. Vladimir Putin noted that the company has taken place, and inquired about future projects.

«First, we believe that is very important for us the next step, it is not just our means to invest, even considering the fact that we put the repayable funds, and to attract new partners,» — said Chubais.

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Chubais told Putin about the results of the work of «Rosnano» 07.11.2016

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