Christmas tree in the Hall of columns: «Three centuries of Christmas Trees»

The USSR’s first Christmas Tree was held December 31, 1936 in the hall of columns (former Noble Assembly). This tree was first introduced to Santa Claus, without which it is impossible to imagine New Year holiday. And now the legendary Tree in the hall of columns returned to become one of the main events of the new year holidays in Moscow!

Today’s children are immersed in the world of gadgets, Internet and social networking. Playing with friends on the street gave way to games online. Forums and blogs are replacing children the books of history and ancient traditions of the celebration of the Christmas Tree long ago fell into oblivion… But without the past there is no real. Tree in the legendary House of Unions will today’s children immersed in a wonderful story of celebrating this truly the kindest and brightest holiday of the year.

The performance of «Three centuries of Christmas Trees» is a journey through the XVIII, XIX and XX centuries, dive into the most joyous holiday traditions of our ancestors and the magical multimedia show! The feast in the hall of columns is not only exciting for children and adults story, sparkling dance, colorful costumes and great music. The ceiling and grandiose scenery, the Column Hall will turn into a huge projection screen, on which will arise, one after another, fascinating fabulous images, turning hall the Christmas fair of the XIX century, the masquerade extravaganza the time of Peter I, the new year’s attraction of the Soviet years.

Open the magic secret for the parents – most likely after visiting the Christmas Tree in the column hall your child will put aside the gadgets and video games and there will be more to meet friends and to talk to you.

Children and parents can enjoy a walk before the show at a specially designed Seating in the Suite of the House of Unions. And during the performance, guests are in different centuries, learn about the celebration of New year and Christmas traditions, play games from the past, and will star in a colorful photo zones. The buffet will be possible to try the desserts, made according to ancient recipes by the best chefs in Moscow.

Another highlight of the festival will be an extraordinary aura that will be felt by all guests of the House of Unions. One of the largest global companies in the field of flavoring makes specially for the Christmas Tree in the column Hall of the new Christmas fragrance with notes of pine needles and tangerines, because this is associated in many the approach of the main celebrations of the year.

Christmas tree in the Hall of columns: «Three centuries of Christmas Trees» 05.12.2017

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