China has «annexed» the Ukrainian economy

Ukrainian financial experts are sounding the alarm — China’s position on the Ukrainian market continues to strengthen. Thus, the publication «» notes that entrepreneurs from China are becoming key players in certain sectors of the Ukrainian economy. While Kiev continues to fight imaginary «aggression» from Moscow, Beijing is confusion in Ukraine and began the struggle for Ukrainian resources, using adjusted tactics and strategy.

In total, Chinese lenders and investors have invested in the Ukrainian economy exorbitant amounts that significantly exceed Kiev’s debts to the IMF and Russia. While for China, the risks are reduced to a minimum and loans secured by goods or property of the enterprises. The most telling picture appears in the alternative energy sector. Based in China’s CNBM has actually acquired over $ 1 billion of the 10 largest solar power plants with a total capacity of 267 MW. Chinese businessmen have supplied high-tech equipment on credit, and the product itself and acted as collateral. When Ukrainians are unable to pay the required amount, the equipment together with the object became the property of CNBM.

Experts fear that a similar situation may occur with «Ukrtelecom». The agreement with the Bank the China Development Bank and Huawei from 2015 implies assistance from the Chinese businessmen in the modernization of telephone networks and the Internet. The first provided a loan and $ 50 million, the second — equipment 45 million, which also acts as a collateral. At the moment the debt of «Ukrtelecom» exceeds 13 million dollars, which could eventually lead to loss of control of the company.

The same scenario is possible with «Naftogaz», which was agreed with the China Development Bank loan of $ 3.6 billion. However, while the Ukrainian oil industry workers decided to take a break apparently realizing all the risks of this agreement. However, the Chinese Bank has extended the period of availability of the loan before the end of this year, so we should not exclude this scenario.

Businessmen from China are going to open factories in the Ukraine due to a number of favorable reasons. First and foremost, the Chinese are attracted to low wages, which will significantly save on production. Also do not forget about the Association with the EU, which would allow Chinese goods of Ukrainian origin to freely enter the European markets. All this turns Ukraine into a piece of tasty cake for China, who will try to do everything possible to consolidate in this market.

China has «annexed» the Ukrainian economy 18.06.2017

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