China and Russia are luring US into the «Asian trap»

Online Spanish newspaper Publico concerned about the fate of Europe. Bleak expectations set forth in the article «China, US, Russia: the new Pacific battle» caused by the recent tour of the countries of South-East Asian leaders, China and the United States. Then held a bilateral meeting demonstrated the growing tension between the two powers.

The reason is obvious. China is a country where the sun power is rising in the US, it comes. Washington by hook or by crook tries to maintain its former influence in the world. Including South-East Asia, where America after the Second world war established, seemingly forever. Beijing pumped solid musculature, to put up with this not intended. Its task is to displace America from a vital space. That is, to remove American troops away from their borders, thus creating around itself neutral zone.

Both powers are modernizing weapons and building up their number. The US urgently and arming its regional allies — especially South Korea and Japan. Moreover, it is expected to expand its presence in the region by American troops.

In this sense, Washington skillfully uses whatever seems possible. Or simply provoke them. Washington at hand bellicose rhetoric of the North Korean leader. On that occasion, the United States launched a program to expand in South-East Asia missile defense system. Against which actively objected to Beijing. Because it will be aimed, not primarily against North Korean missiles. Then it can handle the missile defense system the ship-based «aegis». And against China.

Publico writes that in the future, when exhausted economic and political levers of conflict resolution, a military confrontation between China and the United States more than likely. And that Russia also will not remain on the sidelines.

The readiness of Beijing and Washington for the most vigorous action marked the rhetoric of the leaders.

esac ago, shortly before the meeting at the APEC summit in Hanoi, trump, the President of China and head of the Central military Commission (CMC) XI Jinping, speaking at the joint command center in uniform, said: «CMC must ensure the leadership of the armed forces, that the army was ready to participate and win wars, as well as taking on missions and tasks of the new era, who entrust them with the CPC and people of China.» And further said that the strengthening of combat readiness and combat readiness of the PLA in the new era will provide strategic guarantees for the realization of the Chinese dream of the great revival of the Chinese nation.

So Frank rulers of China after the departure of Mao are extremely rare.

Comrade XI is echoed by Donald trump. For American presidents in order, the theme of the exclusiveness of the nation — is their strong point. Speaking in Japan on a military base Yokota, also a few days before meeting with the Chinese leader, trump said, «We dominated in the air, we dominate the sea, we dominate on land and in space. And not because we have the best equipment, although it is. But because we have something better than the equipment. We have the best people. Your dedication and competence make you the most fearless forces in the history of our world. Our country will never bow down, not give in, and will not hesitate to protect his people, his freedom. No dictator or regime or government should not underestimate the resolve of the United States.»

Here it is necessary to add that this is the protection of its people and their freedom extends far beyond the North American continent.

Author Augusto Zamora podderzhivaet here and Putin’s statements at a meeting on military questions about Russian army and Navy should have the most modern weapons, military and special equipment, which takes into account the likely changes in strategy and tactics of armed struggle in the future. According to the Russian President, all large enterprises of Russia should be ready to increase production of military products. Moreover, it concerns not only public sector but also private business. And Putin also spoke of future victories. More precisely, about how to achieve them: «If we want to be ahead if we want to win, you need to be better.»

Of course, all this is not abstract rhetorical figures. Quite clearly the words are supported by deeds.

During a tour of trump signed multibillion-dollar contracts for the supply of weapons to Japan and South Korea. Visited Vietnam, which is in a state of protracted confrontation with China. And tried to build with Hanoi «kind» of relationship, in order to engage it as a military ally. Putin with such a course of things to put up is not intended. Negotiating recovery in the Vietnamese port of Cam Ranh Bay naval base. Beijing after a visit to trump in Hanoi decided to make some concessions in order to improve relations with Vietnam and give him to «sell» to the States.

In General, there is a serious political and economic battle for possession of more profitable footholds. That will be vital in the case, as mentioned above, when diplomacy comes to a standstill, and as the last argument will be the weapon.

Aktiviziruyutsya and allies of the United States. So, Japan has announced its intention to make significant changes to the 9th article of the Constitution. Now it has the following form: «the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes. Never to be created land, sea and air forces, as well as other war potential. The right to conduct a state of war is not recognized».

Revived the program to create new weapons in South Korea. Already began the development of «national» ballistic missiles, which the West artfully ignore. There is information, however unverified, that Seoul is thinking about creating a nuclear stuffing for future missiles. The formula coined by Franklin Rosatom — «Yes, he’s a son of a bitch but he is our son of a bitch» — works great today.

Recently, however, the US is starting to lose in the region of the allies. More recently, the Philippines with hundred million populations was one of the main countries in the region. Until 1992, the Islands were American military bases. Then, Manila has changed the vector, the troops left. But in the beginning of this decade, the US Navy gained access to Philippine ports. However, the current eccentric President Rodrigo Ducere said that «it’s time to say goodbye to the USA». In 2016, the summit in Beijing, he expressed even more definitely: «I’m changing our allies in the ideological right, and maybe I’ll go to Russia to tell Putin that from now on, together with China, the Philippines and Russia against the rest of the world. There is no other way».

And, indeed, went. The result of this trip became an intergovernmental agreement on military-technical cooperation. As well as the contract to supply the Philippine army Russian weapons. Taken by the Americans in November, attempts to regain «lost country» was not successful.

Spanish newspaper calls the voyage of the tramp in South-East Asia failure. And explains this decision by the American President to withdraw from international trade agreements TRANS-Pacific partnership (TPP), which weakened the influence of the US partners in the Asia-Pacific economic cooperation (APEC) summit in November which was held in Hanoi. Trump has considered the TPP is disadvantageous for the United States in economic terms, and rejected the principle of open regional market. However, the administration of the state according to the laws of business organizations, aspires to be a tramp, very often gives a significant loss in strategic issues.

And the weakening of the strategic position for each of the three powers in South East Asia especially painful. Because this region accounts for almost 40% of the world population, account for 54% of GDP and 49% of world trade.

The author of the publication, of course, unable to predict when the same is to be held decisive battle in Southeast Asia. But his conclusions are very clear: «China and Russia — an Alliance. A new battle in the Pacific will change the world and world order in the background of the decrepit and aging Europe».

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China and Russia are luring US into the «Asian trap» 07.12.2017

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