Cassini-Huygens will spend his final year on Saturn

The robot spacecraft Cassini-Huygens, which is used to study the planet Saturn, its rings and natural satellites, will play the last year of research. This was reported on the official NASA website.

In 2010, the mission Cassini-Huygens extended until September 17, 2017.

During the last years of research, the spacecraft will approach to a distance of 7,800 kilometers F-the ring of the planet Saturn. According to scientists, being in the orbit of the F-ring Cassini will be able to examine satellites that are enclosed in it. The spacecraft for the first time since entering orbit in 2004, fit to the rings of the planet at such a close distance.

The final phase of the mission Cassini-Huygens will be his rapprochement with the giant moon Titan, which will change the orbit of the probe so that it passes in the gap between the atmosphere of the planet and its rings, examining unexplored space of about 2400 kilometers in width. As expected, Cassini will make 22 dives in this period, during which scientists hope to describe the magnetic and gravitational fields of planets to get more information about the internal structure, to determine the exact duration of the day and the definition of the total mass of the rings will allow us to calculate their age.

Cassini-Huygens was launched in October 1997, and in 2004 he made braking into orbit around Saturn.


After 12+ yrs studying the Saturn system, @CassiniSaturn enters the final yr of its epic voyage:

— NASA (@NASA) September 15, 2016.



Cassini-Huygens will spend his final year on Saturn 16.09.2016

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