«Bulwark» was a catch: the Ukrainian military-industrial complex is not ready to build their best tanks without the help of Russia

In may 2009, came off the Assembly line the first Ukrainian T-84U «Oplot», which is appreciated by various international experts. War machine is not ahead of its time, but was appreciated as a very reliable and equipped with all necessary equipment for a real fight.

But all the pros thwarted by one significant drawback – a very long production cycle. In conditions of continuous Ukrainian economic and political crises that meant to mass-produce «Hold» for the foreseeable future will not succeed. However, the military of Thailand decided to take a chance and ordered from Kiev fifty «Strongholds», which Ukraine had to supply before the end of 2015. However to the appointed term HTZ managed to collect only five cars.

Despite the fact that the Thai contract is not executed, and to this day, in early October of 2017, the head of the defense Ministry of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak said that in the near future «Opolot» about to enter the armed forces. However, the Director of the Ukrainian information and consulting company Defense Express Serhiy Zgurets hastened to dispel the dreams of General.

Zgurets said that «Stronghold» was a trick — it was created on the basis of Soviet tank T-64, and many of its components are manufactured in the factories of the RSFSR. After the collapse of the USSR, a single production cycle has been broken for the production of T-64, as well as machines based on it. Ukrainian military-industrial complex had to purchase the necessary parts from Russia, and to date, HTZ from this dependence is not disposed of. So, according to experts, Ukraine needs to open at least ten new factories in various fields, who will be able to localize the production of tanks within the boundaries of the state.

Photo source: wikipedia.org

The new plants are expected to release new details completely legal and legitimate, because the tanks will be taken by military Commission, said the Director of the Defense Express. The same car that was exported through such acceptance took place. Thus, it is unknown what components were going to «Bulwark» for Thailand, particularly given the fact that most of the tanks Kiev put their partner after the rupture of relations with Russia.

Even if Ukraine will be able to organize production of all necessary components, you will need to re-work the production process and carry out zero-factory test «Strongholds». According to Zgurets, you will need to collect ten experimental machines, after which the conveyor HTZ will do reference the eleventh tank. Given the fact that the required ten factories to build one has not yet begun, the timing of establishing a complete production cycle remain very vague.

«Bulwark» was a catch: the Ukrainian military-industrial complex is not ready to build their best tanks without the help of Russia 30.10.2017

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