Brown bears are kept in awe inhabitants of the Magadan region

In the Magadan region reported mass invasion of hungry bears. Local residents are concerned that the animals are going with their families and are close to home. One of them attacked a dog. People are also worried about their farms.

Dangerous neighborhood residents of Magadan feel now as never before, I learned «TV Center».

In the video — the whole bear family came out onto a busy highway. A female with cubs. To approach the machine bears decided not to.

In Magadan region there are eight thousand brown bears. And their habitat is increasingly shifting towards the city limits.

Farmer Galina Kuzicheva told that the bears come to them every year. Last year killed deer, in killing the dog.

«They are hungry and angry fish yet. They have nothing to eat. And they go on the hills, they go in the trash. They go everywhere. What can we do? To free the territory that bears lived here?» says Kuzicheva.

Zoologists believe, bears don’t accidentally come here because the outskirts of Magadan, in the first place, bordered by forest, and, secondly, the animals attracted by the smell of city dumps. Shooting of animals is an extreme measure, explained by the authorities, to her they are still not going to use.

«Today, we have no reason. It reacts to the person and leaves. If he shows up again and will behave aggressively, only in this case such a decision is made,» — said the Deputy head of the Department for the protection and supervision of the use of fauna objects and their habitats in Magadan region Elena Slobodenyuk.

But for the bears ‘ meeting with a person may be life-saving. As for the three-month Balu, who is alone in the woods found a resident of the Nizhny Novgorod region. The beast came out and settled in one of the national parks.

Christina Odinochenko, «TV Center».

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Brown bears are kept in awe inhabitants of the Magadan region 19.05.2017

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