BKZ «October» celebrated its 50th anniversary

On Saturday evening the concert hall «October» took a festive concert on the occasion of the 50th anniversary. Before the solemn events on the stage were made by the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko congratulated the Director and artistic Director of the concert hall Emma Lavrinovich. Joined congratulations Chairman of the legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Makarov. At the end of the opening speech presented policies to the staff BKZ thank-you letter and certificate that will allow you to acquire the necessary sound equipment.

At the end of the introductory part began a concert program «stars of love» with participation of famous singers. On the stage Edita, Philip Kirkorov, Valery Leontiev, Nikolai Baskov and other popular Russian artists.

The construction of the concert hall «October» ended in 1967. The opening of the concert hall was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the great October revolution.


BKZ «October» celebrated its 50th anniversary 29.10.2017

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